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Request and booking

Your holiday in the ADLER Lodge Alpe is just a few simple steps away. Book directly here at the best price if you know your preferred dates or send us a request if you just wish more information.


The Lodge Spirit

With heart and soul

The ADLER Lodge ALPE occupies a magical energy spot. From the passion to the friendly family feeling– that is the story we want to tell you here.
We are involved with heart and soul – and assisted by a very special spirit.

The ADLER Lodge ALPE occupies a magical location far from the daily routine, in a world of mountain scenery and mountains of natural energy. A strong team lives and works here, united in the ambition to communicate the magic of this energy center and the unique sense of belonging that develops here. When you work in such a place, you live it. With heart and soul.


Steam bath: revitalise body, soul and mind

Essential oils, extracted from natural herbs, dissolve in the steam and penetrate the body through the skin and respiratory tract where they have their beneficial effects.

ADLER Retreats
An immersive journey into yoga and Pilates

Have you ever considered joining a Retreat?
Sometimes, what we need is to hit pause on life and find ourselves, so that we can return to our daily lives filled with positive energy and new zest.

Happy Birthday, ADLER Friends Club!

10 years of ADLER rewards

This year, ADLER Friends Club will be 10 years old. We will be celebrating the anniversary and also making some small changes going forward.

Nature-friendly, quiet and healthy
Our outdoor experts on e-biking, the latest holiday trend

Pedal to your heart’s content. And when your muscles get tired, all you have to do is turn the electrical power on and enjoy a leisurely ride through beautiful natural landscapes…

Green vision

As writer and philosopher Herman Hesse would say, designing a garden is as difficult as governing a kingdom. It requires a skilful balance of colours, terrain, strategies, and season-conscious planning.

ADLER Regional Partner

Breaking new ground – for our guests and for our land. The idea of offering a gourmet experience focused on fresh, genuine ingredients from a short supply chain has been the cornerstone of our active cooperation with numerous local farms.

Simon Moroder offers a glimpse into the secrets of the cosmos

How are stars born? How long do they live and why do they die? Is that tiny dot over there a planet? Where is the Milky Way? And how far away is all of this?

Sauna for body and senses


Nature, innovation and beauty

New ADLER SPA Active Cosmetics

Creative experiences in nature

Arik Oberrauch, second Maître of the ADLER’s Lodge ALPE, is not only a very professional and motivated employee, but also has a big passion for photography.