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Request and booking

Your holiday in the ADLER Lodge Alpe is just a few simple steps away. Book directly here at the best price if you know your preferred dates or send us a request if you just wish more information.



Harmony of body, mountain and soul

The conscious touch goes deeper. Conscious feeling moves more. Massages, peelings, baths, packs and beauty treatments - a token of appreciation and gratitude for your own body. For radiance in all your beauty!

Who says we cannot fly? When the soul, enveloped in naturally pure etheric oils, becomes lighter and lighter, massages with primary quartz transport the body into a state of deep relaxation and calm, and the ritual with alkaline silver quartzite crystal powder creates a feeling of weightlessness, the soul is free to gently float away. 

High-Level SPA

Indulge in our wellness packages and enjoy our holistic and nature-inspired treatments with precious ingredients from our mountain world. Unique SPA experiences that bring body and mind into harmony.
Book your Spa package before your stay and you will be rewarded with an early booking bonus of 10%.
ADLER Active Cosmetics
Beauty, created by nature, perfected by science
Innovation at the service of beauty and well-being, with the local territory as the keynote ingredient - this is the underlying mission and trend inspiring ADLER SPA Active Cosmetics. A project that embodies our whole philosophy of eco-sustainable use of natural resources, commitment to quality and dedication to excellence.
Tuscany, South Tyrol and Sicily: we chose three Italian regions rich in natural treasures, each with its own distinctive features, to source the exclusive ingredients contained in our new, highly effective cosmetic line. Active ingredients and essential oils that are distilled from the very essence of these lands and enshrined in each beauty elixir, with the unique properties of local waters increasing their efficacy.


Wellness world

Wellness under the stars, in the face of the mountains

Stone, wood, hay. There is a scent of the mountains, of the Alpine pasture, of the outdoors. And what you feel is what you see: The recurrent view from the windows and glass facades is that of a mountain silhouette, seemingly crowning the extremities of Alpe di Siusi. 

Wellness under the sky. Bedded on clouds, with the stars so near, our Alpine Spa makes it possible to enjoy what is important for the moment and simply does you good.
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