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Digital Detox

Although the digital revolution has got a positive impact on our daily life and facilitates a lot of things, more and more people yearn to escape, for a short period of time, from the hustle of the digital world.
The desire of being unreachable for a few days is increasing. When can it be a better time for that pursuit than on holidays? Where is it easier to refrain from smartphones and tablets if not in the Alps, far away from the everyday life, surrounded by the breath taking beauty of the Dolomites? That’s how we came up with the idea of a Digital Detox Week on the ADLER Mountain Lodge.

It is important, sometimes in between, to shut down our smartphones, laptops and social networks for a few days, in order to recover mind and body and regenerate new energy.

The digital detox week focused on relaxing in the nature with a special program of different activities, in order to prevent the longing to smartphones that may occur at a certain point. Without the daily pressure, guests had the possibility to take part in activities that normally, in the hustle and medium consume of the everyday life, is not time left to practice anymore.

The early November snow, has covered the Alps in a winter fairy tale and the crystal clear air mediates peace and serenity. Perfect conditions for joining our guided excursions and feel the magic of the nature. To start the day, morning yoga sessions with breathing exercises, with a beautiful view on the snow covered Sassolungo.

Together with our pastry chef Elisa, guests had the possibility to bake a typical South-Tyrolean cake and enjoy a chocolate degustation. Furthermore there was the opportunity to experiment and discover hidden creativity by coloring with natural self-made color pigments. In the evening, rather than writing e-mails, guests sit in front of a warm and crackling fire place, playing society games with other guests. Before falling asleep, instead of typing a WhatsApp, the participants of the digital detox week wrote a diary of the amazing moments lived during the day.

Being motivated and supported by a competent and friendly team, makes it a lot easier to unplug, not just the digital, but also the mental plug.

As some guests report, you can have thoughts and doubts at the beginning, if you should still leave the smartphone on, if you will miss it or miss something important. However it doesn’t take long to feel free and relieved from the digital coercion and feel better. The temporary abstention from something, has normally as result, to increase awareness of the essential things, feelings and get closer to nature.

An aware renounce of digital medium and constant availability it’s not just relaxing but helps to open new prospections and as well to maintain a healthier digital-work life balance in the everyday life.

Digital Detox is much more than a modern wellness trend.