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Fire in the pool

A pool so very like a mountain lake – with a panoramic view of the Dolomites reflecting proudly in the water. Peace and quiet, warmth and a sense of timelessness. The pure lightness of being. Simply let go, breathe, and feel the power of the mountains.

When the morning mist gently dissipates from the meadows and the coolness of the night surrenders to the first rays of the sun, an expectant stillness shrouds the wide open plateau. As the mists dissolve, a vista is revealed of sun-drenched, luminous mountains. This is a moment to savour. The warm, saline-enriched water relaxes the body, and the view carries you away. You may even see deer grazing in the dewy pastures. A fine beginning to a memorable day. But the most beautiful moment of all is in the evening when the two elements of fire and water fuse together; when the sun makes its descent behind the Sciliar massif, and the alpenglow of the Dolomites transforms the pool at the ADLER Lodge ALPE into a crimson sea of flame.

This unique natural spectacle is called “Enrosadira” in the local Ladin language. More scientifically, this phenomenon results from the special calcium carbonate and magnesium composition of the Dolomite rock, which intensifies the reflection of the evening sunlight.