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Singing wood

Tenacious and full of life

On Alpe di Siusi grows a special kind of spruce tree, known as “singing wood.” The wood of these trees is valued by instrument makers for having fine acoustic qualities. With a slow and regular growth cycle, including small knots to prevent breaking under the weight of snow, these trees emerge from soil that is unique in composition.

Growing stoically on coral dolomite created from volcanic rock, marl and clay sediments, their roots are still nourished by essential nutrients at treeline some 2000 meters above sea level. The trees are sheltered by the main Alpine chain from stormy northerly winds that can cause spiral growth, while the warm southerlies caress their densely needled branches. After a lengthy span, the spruce are harvested when they are about 100 years old to provide space and light for the next generation. In their second life, these spruce bring joy either as part of a musical instrument or as part of a warm, comfortable and fragrant environment. At the ADLER Mountain Lodge, all the suites have been panelled with this noble Alpine wood.

Alpine larch, however, is the wood that was used at the ADLER Lodge ALPE for the chalets and lounges. The wood of these giant deciduous trees is resinous, durable, warm and reddish in colour. Each panel has been levelled by hand by Val Gardena craftsmen. That is the best way to reveal the true characteristics of this impressive tree.