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Traditional flavours, in step with the times

Have you already had a chance to try out the homemade tagliatelle with toasted flour, or delicious veal sweetbreads? At the ADLER Lodge Alpe, you can discover the treasures of traditional Alpine cooking, revised with a modern twist.

Today we would like to present our new Head Chef, Denny Mair, along with his team and the culinary delights that await you. Denny follows in the footsteps of Hannes Pignater, who has transferred to the new ADLER Lodge Ritten.

I was already a chef at just 22 years of age. I inherited my passion for cooking and learnt the most important tricks of the trade from my father, who was also a cook. I gained many years of experience in different restaurants in Italy and abroad after my chef training in Vipiteno, including in Switzerland under three-Michelin star chef Andreas Caminada. However, my roots are here – among the mountains of South Tyrol. As a passionate hiker and ski mountaineering expert, I felt the ADLER Lodge Alpe proposal fitted like a glove. I accepted the challenge and brought a young, motivated team of qualified chefs along with me.

I love to experiment, blending the flavours of the Mediterranean kitchen with those of Alpine tradition. But I will also know how to amaze you with skilfully reinterpreted traditional recipes. Because guests appreciate tradition, but love variety. My mantra is to preserve what is good and at the same time surprise with something new. I use innovative cooking methods for more natural and lighter food preparation. I create delicious and authentic dishes with high-quality, preferably organic local produce. And, as an added extra, I throw in some fresh mountain herbs. So, it’s with this great creativity of spirit that I’m able to transform almost forgotten cuisine into new creations, in step with the times. For example, pear flour ravioli with mountain cheese or delicious tripe sauce. But at ADLER Lodge Alpe you also have the opportunity to try out “timeless classics”, such as mountain trout with spring onions, kohlrabi and dill, Carnaroli risotto with lemon and thyme, and the sweet delights of the forest.

Many gourmet chefs love to be in the public eye. Not me. The “sense of us” that inspires the Lodge is primarily based on a team effort. We exchange, explore and experiment with ideas here. The new creation comes to life like this, step by step. Then we taste and test together, if it isn’t quite right then we make slight adjustments so it can be enjoyed by guests. This makes working in the kitchen more stimulating, and we believe also improves the end results.

Seven other employees dedicate all of their efforts behind the scenes to help you have an unforgettable experience at the table – different talents, personalities and preferences blended together into a winning team.

Alex Horvath Narcis, Kitchen Assistant. With his sense of order and cleanliness he caters for cleaning in the kitchen, helps with the preparation of dishes and provides indispensable help for the entire team.
Davide Corain, Gardemanger. As an amateur football player, he knows that team spirit is what counts. It’s the same in the kitchen as on the pitch.
Manuel Egger, Breakfast Chef. As a passionate traveller, he gathers culinary ideas and original recipes from across the world.
Mathias Sanoll, Entremétier. In addition to his work he loves football and fish. Hence his motto: perseverance and patience go hand in hand with success.
Philipp Pfattner, Pâtissier. His favourite hobbies are cycling and cross-country skiing. He finds inspiration for his sweet creations as well as well-being in the heart of nature.
Elias Stauder, Tournant. With a sociable and sunny disposition, he is definitely a foodie. He loves to be pampered... from a culinary point of view.
Lot Matteo, Sous Chef. Recreational go-kart driver. Enthusiastic, determined, precise. He is able to identify the opportunity in every adversity.