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On a clearing
in tranquil nature

... everyday stress fades into the background

The sun’s rays seep in through the tree tops, bathing the wood in a golden light. All around, the Dolomites soar towards the sky. After a while, the wood opens up into a glade, and ADLER Lodge RITTEN appears.

At the edge of the glade, twenty chalets made of glass and black wood are positioned around the main building and the deep-green lake, blending perfectly into the landscape. There are also twenty junior suites – housed in two side wings and commanding a spectacular view. In the Main Lodge, coloured prints adorn the walls. The wooden furnishing and natural fabrics that define the interiors inspire a sense of well-being. As soon as you arrive, you can feel the boundaries between outdoors and indoors beginning to blur. Nature also has her place in the spa. Relax and breathe in the scent of larch and fir trees. Take a dip in the infinity pool overlooking lush wooden slopes. In the evening, you can let your gaze linger on the starry sky through the glazed walls of our panoramic restaurant.

With meadows, woods and mountains all around, it’s easy to find a new balance with your inner self. Indulging your own rhythm, savouring every moment. There are no rules here – your every decision is the right one. Surrender to the call of the mountains or just relax and listen to the whispers from the wood. Nature is queen here – a queen who grants your every wish for peace and freedom.

The Lodge Spirit

Feels like home

Would our hotel be so extraordinary, if it weren’t for a team of extraordinary people working with passion and joy? They are just as taken in by the charm of this place, and they know how to introduce you to the merits of this land – walking on sunny footpaths, watching the dawn from a mountain top, sharing a merry meal of roasted chestnuts and new wine, or sampling homemade specialities prepared with locally-sourced ingredients. They are more than just a team, they are a group of friends – all of them passionate, highly qualified and with a love of nature. Their convivial relationship with our guests contributes to a genuine, homely atmosphere. It feels just like home, only away from home.


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