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Your holiday in the ADLER Lodge RITTEN is just a few simple steps away. Book directly here at the best price if you know your preferred dates or send us a request if you just wish more information.

Everything for your wellbeing

Surrounded by tranquil nature

Feel cocooned by nature, and only nature. Nothing there to distract you from relaxation. The sun reflects in the panoramic pool. The fire crackles in the relaxation oases, while the scent of herbs lingers in the sauna. Step into four tastefully designed spaces and enjoy luxurious spa treatments that tap into the gifts of the Alps. The aromas of the wood, the pure water of the Dolomites, unlimited time for relaxation… and you, at the centre of it all.
Infinity Panorama Pool
Float weightlessly in water
The Dolomites before your eyes. Immersed in the salt water of the panoramic pool, you swim against a backdrop of majestic mountains and green slopes. The scent of nature is in the air. The view is breath-taking. The pool temperature is just perfect, in every season. All you can feel is tranquillity, warmth and a fantastic sense of lightness.
Saunas and steam
Detox under the majestic treetops
A healthy sweat to detox the body. Relaxation to find a new inner balance. In the three saunas at ADLER Lodge RITTEN, all your worries simply vanish. Try the Turkish bath in the Main Lodge, the Finnish sauna and the herbal sauna in the wood. Complete the experience with two exclusive sauna rituals, for an extra boost of energy and velvety skin: the ventilation ritual with natural aromas and a body peel in the Turkish bath.
Relaxation areas
Mountain view and a crackling fire
After living intense experiences, come and rest in one of our welcoming relaxation areas. The meadows in front of the Lodge and around the lake are perfect for sunbathing. The comfortable loungers in the Main Lodge double as relaxation oases. In the wood, the treetops offer refreshment and relaxation. The body and mind regenerate while the flames dance in the fireplace and the candlelight flickers playfully. The perfect atmosphere to enjoy the moment and find your way back to yourself.

Wonder of nature

Beautiful and revived with treatments from the Lodge

If body, spirit and soul need a break, nature can really work wonders. Let yourself be pampered by the ADLER spa team. With an energising massage. Nutritious skin packs. Natural bathing.