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The realm of taste

Uncompromisingly natural

Our passion for nature and quality extends beyond our kitchen boundaries. We partner with local farmers to offer our guests not only excellent products, but also the chance to experience this land through their palate. The vegetables, herbs and berries we use grow just a few steps away from our main building. When we say zero miles, we mean it!

From farm to table: our farm garden

Our farm garden has grown into a bona fide Garden of Eden. Spring wheat, potatoes, beetroot, leeks, strawberries and many other crops all thrive on healthy land, under the attentive care of Christian Fink and his girlfriend Johanna – a young couple of nature-loving farmers with a creative and ecological mindset. Together, they cultivate our 4,000m2 farm garden according to organic farming methods. From the garden, the ingredients go straight into Hannes Pignater’s kitchen. Guests are welcome to participate in our guided tours of the farm garden and see for themselves how the ingredients for their dishes are cultivated.

Our local partners: quality products straight from the farmers

While fine wines mature in the nearby valley, cattle graze on the lush meadows in the mountains above us. We work closely with innovative growers and farmers to source organic eggs, exquisite Wagyu and Chianina meat and homemade fruit juices. Partnerships designed to support our region and delight our guests.

Homemade tastes better

While we are fully open to exploring new food cultures, we never lose sight of our own traditions. Our chefs invest time and care into transforming what guests can smell and see growing in our surrounding greenery into homemade specialities. A lot of craftsmanship and attention to detail go into making their spruce oil and spruce-top honey, jams and elderberry syrup, as well as liqueurs made from fresh garden herbs. They also process wild dandelion and wood sorrel into delectable starters and salads. Our homemade products are completely organic, free from additives and, above all, incredibly delicious.

BEE happy! Our homemade honey

The ADLER Lodge RITTEN garden now hosts several bee colonies, which have made their home under its tall, shady trees. Enjoy our honey as a breakfast spread or a delicious ingredient in our desserts.
Happy bees make better honey!
The Lodge’s all-inclusive arrangement 

All inclusive, all regional

Exclusive, effortless and of outstanding quality: with our all-round culinary concept, you can treat yourself to anything you wish for all day long, choosing from a selection of local premium wines, juices, beers and distillates. End your day in style with a delicious cocktail or a fine liqueur made with aromatic herbs from our garden.
Our all-round culinary concept