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Renon - A world of Experiences

The Renon plateau has been a summer resort for the affluent citizens of Bolzano since as early as the 17th century, as testified by the idyllic settlements, stately summer residences and picturesque farms that dot its cultivated landscape, giving Renon its distinctive character. A number of outdoor opportunities, unique attractions and mesmerising vantage points add to its faceted charm. Follow us on a discovery tour!


Take advantage of your holiday on the Renon plateau to visit Europe’s highest and most impressive earth pyramids. The ADLER guides offer several different hikes that lead there. These curiously shaped earth columns, made of glacial moraine clay sculpted by the alternation of rain and drought, rise from deep gorges up to 30 metres in height. Their lifespan is very variable, as it all depends on the capstone: as soon as the protective cap falls away, the pyramid crumbles. From what remains, nature builds a new pyramid further uphill.

MT. Corno del Renon (2,260 m)

An excursion up Mt. Corno del Renon (or Rittner Horn in German, lit. “The Renon horn”) is an experience worth living at any time of year. The view is simply breathtaking. Your gaze will wander free over the endless horizon, embracing the Dolomites, the Alps and the Ortler and Brenta mountain groups. You can choose from several trails that negotiate through unspoilt countryside and swathes of mountain pine trees and rhododendrons. For connoisseurs we recommend the panoramic trail, which features attractions such as the “Round table” and the “Dolomitoskop”. In winter, Corno del Renon doubles as a small winter sports area with skiing and cross-country skiing facilities, as well as snowshoeing and ski touring itineraries.

The Renon Railway

The Renon narrow-gauge railway was created in 1907 to offer the Bolzano “jet set” easier access to their summer houses. Originally, there was a rack-and pinion line connecting the Waltherplatz square in the centre of Bolzano directly to the Renon plateau. From there, a narrow-gauge railway led further to Collalbo. Nowadays, the Bolzano-Soprabolzano line is served by a modern cable car, while the Renon railway only connects the two municipalities of Soprabolzano and Collalbo – a good option if you wish to shorten the way back from your hike, with the added bonus of a delightful panorama and the chance to enjoy it from a historical carriage.

The fabulous world of Tony

This adventure trail is a big favourite of families, and especially popular among older kids. It starts by the Corno del Renon cable car mountain station and features 11 play stations with characters inspired by South Tyrolean legends, such as King Laurin, the Willeweis seer and the Sciliar witches. Other attractions include an eagle’s nest for budding climbers and a water games area complete with a hydrotherapy facility. All these attractions are made using materials found in nature. Along the way there are also comfortable benches where grown-ups can sunbathe and take in the view while the children play to their hearts’ content.