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Jivamukti Yoga Retreat with Jutta Mele-Maurer: 7 Steps towards Enlightenment

Anything we want to master requires certain steps. These steps are as much important as the final achievement, if not even more. Each step teaches us something about our mind-set. First understanding and then correcting your thinking patterns is crucial for your personal evolution as well as for leading a happy and fulfilled life.

In most spiritual traditions and in Yoga Philosophy is stated  that the amount of steps needed in order to evolve our consciousness and move towards enlightenment are 7. We talk about  7 gateways of perception/ Chakra, 7 realms/ Bhumikas, and so on.
How can you master one step after the other and, at the same time, purify your body and  your mind? The answer is: practice.  Specific cleansing techniques, the practice of posture/asana, breathing exercises/ pranayama, sense withdrawal/prathyahara, reciting mantra, studying scripture, and concentration which  leads to meditation, will eventually but inevitable  contribute  to  your personal growth as a spiritual human being.  Remember you are a product of whatever you have ever thought, said or done. - it is all manifested in your body and mind.
During this retreat we will concentrate each morning on one step and gradually "climb" up the ladder towards enlightenment, while learning about the chakras and their connection to a specific karmic relationships and the bhumikas: morning classes have the format Jivamuti Open, afternoon classes are dedicated to restore & renew, pranyama, kriyas, guided relaxation and meditation
with All Inclusive - Junior Suite
from 20.03.2022 to 27.03.2022 3 nights from 852,00 € per person
with All Inclusive - Junior Chalet
from 20.03.2022 to 27.03.2022 3 nights from 981,00 € per person
with All Inclusive - Chalet
from 20.03.2022 to 27.03.2022 3 nights from 1.020,00 € per person
3 nights
20.03.2022 - 27.03.2022
from 852,00 €
per person