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Pilates with Giulia Di Stefano

During the 4 Pilates weeks int 2021, Giulia Di Stefano will offer a dynamic programme consisting of one session per day.

Sunday 18.30 Welcome Aperitive
Welcome and introduction to the workshop, gathering to meet each other and share personal experiences 

Monday 17.00-18.15 Breath & Energize Pilates
Short introduction to Pilates and the importance of the correct breathing technique during practice.

Tuesday 17.00-18.15 Cardio Pilates with the Magic Circle
A Pilates flow will be created for legs and arms training while using the magic circle. 

Wednesday 17.00-18.15 Power Pilates with Foam Roller
The lesson will focus on the balance and release of tension in the back and on strengthening and aligning legs and arms by means of the the foam roller.

Thursday 17.00-18.15 Breath & Energize Pilates with Toning Balls
These light weights will be used to intensify the exercises of the classic Pilates repertoire, increasing the muscle work and toning effect. 

Friday 17.00-18.15 Relaxing Pilates with Mini Stability Ball 
With the help of the equipment, the workout will be more energetic and at the same time allow you to improve your posture. The exercises will improve posture, core stability and mobility of the spine and will also promote stretching and strengthening of the muscles around the spine. 

Saturday 8.30-9.45  Pilates Matwork with Fitness Band
With the elastic band you will be able to isolate and tone peripheral muscle groups, while simultaneously promoting core stabilization. 

Saturday 17.00-18.15 Final Surprise Session
During the creative Pilates class you will vary the exercises of classical Pilates adding a touch of creativity and fun.
with All Inclusive - Junior Suite
from 05.12.2021 to 12.12.2021 3 nights from 831,00 € per person
3 nights
05.12.2021 - 12.12.2021
from 852,00 €
per person
Giulia Di Stefano
Giulia is a Pilates teacher, who rediscovered her passion thanks to Joseph Pilates.
She attended a Pilates workshop in Switzerland, which inspired her to begin her full training and to infect more people with her passion and expertise in Pilates.
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" is Giulia's philosophy.
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