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The magic of the "Pale Mountains"

A place of energy that works wonders

In terms of scenic charm and impressiveness, the Dolomites are hard to beat. No wonder mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner describes them as the "most beautiful mountains in the world“. Depending on how the light falls, the slopes and jagged peaks of the mountain range glow in the most fascinating colours. Once you have experienced the attraction and energy of the Dolomites, you will know why so many myths surround around them.

A spectacle of nature

More than 200 million years old, the Dolomites are a unique form of open-air cinema featuring bizarre rock formations and rugged peaks, which alternate with rolling alpine pastures and deep valleys. The rock strata of the mountain range tell of the history of our Earth and the sunrises and sunsets are quite spectacular. Reasons enough for the magical mountains to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. Prepare yourself for a natural spectacle that will be remembered for a long time to come!

Recover with ease

Why not take advantage of the Dolomites as a place of energy and relaxation? The healing effects of mountain air has been scientifically proven. A strengthened immune system, a functioning cardiovascular system as well as an improved mood and sleep quality rank among the effects of a mountain holiday. Fill up with joie de vivre at the very source of nature.  

Legends full of magic and mysticism

Many myths revolve around the magical Dolomites, which glow in the evening sun first a brilliant red, then smoothly slip into orange and violet into the darkness of the night.
In Catinaccio, Laurin, the dwarf king is to answer for this. Deeply offended by betrayal and unrequited love and furious at his defeat in battle he cast a spell over his glorious rose garden to destroy it for ever. Neither by day nor by night shall a man ever see the splendour of the roses again. However, the dwarf king forgot to include twilight and dawn in his spell. And so, King Laurin’s old rose garden occasionally “bursts into bloom” in the gloaming. This miracle of nature is called “Enrosadira” (Alpenglow) in Val Gardena.
This is balance 

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