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Interview with Armin Profanter

General Manager at ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE

Armin, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure! I’m 34 and father to two wonderful children. After 16 years I’ve now returned to my home town, Castelrotto.

What have been the main milestones in your career?
Definitely, the many experiences I’ve collected abroad. Switzerland, England, France, Austria… Working in some of the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Europe gave me the chance to see and learn a lot, visit fantastic places and meet great people.
Another watershed moment was participating in the WorldSkills championship in Calgary, where I even won a medal.

How did you end up in the hotel industry? What inspired and motivated your choice?

What most inspired me was being in contact with guests, and the opportunity to travel and see the world that comes with the job. But I was also attracted by the chance to gain experience across different areas and roles within a company.
I think what planted the seed was spending the summer months at my family’s mountain hut with my grandparents every year. When I was 10, I had the idea of opening a bar along the footpath near our hut. The bar was actually just a stool with a tablecloth and four glasses on it. I used to serve homemade raspberry and elderflower juices, using the nearby stream as a fridge. Those were the days! 😊

You had already worked at the ADLER DOLOMITI restaurant and bar at the beginning of your career. What brought you back?
First and foremost, the Sanoner family with their friendliness, the welcoming team and the nice guests, who really value quality and the staff’s commitment. I was left with good memories that ultimately made me want to come back.

What are your daily challenges now as the general manager at ADLER BALANCE?
What really matters to me is that both guests and staff find a pleasant ambience here at ADLER, where everyone feels comfortable reaching out to one another, communicating openly and putting their heads together to find solutions that respect the needs and viewpoints of everyone involved.