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Your holiday at the ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE is just a few simple steps away. Book directly here at the best price if you know your preferred dates or send us a request if you just wish more information.

For the sake of your health

Let yourself be thoroughly taken care of

Enjoy your holiday with a light heart and at the same time do something for your health: This is exactly what you can do at the ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE. A highly competent team of doctors is on hand around the clock for advice and personal support. The focus is always on you and your needs and wishes. ADLER Med follows a holistic approach, coordinating your exercise, nutrition, relaxation and regeneration in such a way that you can achieve top results. Treat yourself to a time-out entirely dedicated to your health - an investment in a better quality of life!

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Our specialist areas

Good health and vitality from head to toe

A detoxifying cure frees the body of toxins and cell debris that accumulate in the tissues, restoring lightness and well-being
Weight loss and nutrition
Natural and healthy programmes for lasting weight loss, greater vitality and enhanced physical well-being
Stress management
Effective stress management strategies to enhance relaxation, regenerate the mind and achieve inner peace
Prevention and diagnosis
Establishing your state of health is the first step towards a personalised health and prevention plan
Aesthetic medicine
Gentle solutions for natural, harmonious beauty that radiates from within
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