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Nature, innovation and beauty

New ADLER SPA Active Cosmetics
Innovation at the service of beauty and well-being, with the local territory as the keynote ingredient – this is the underlying mission and trend inspiring ADLER SPA Active Cosmetics. A project that embodies our whole philosophy of eco-sustainable use of natural resources, commitment to quality and dedication to excellence.

Tuscany, South Tyrol and Sicily: we chose three Italian regions rich in natural treasures, each with its own distinctive features, to source the exclusive ingredients contained in our new, highly effective cosmetic line. Active ingredients and essential oils that are distilled from the very essence of these lands and enshrined in each beauty elixir, with the unique properties of local waters increasing their efficacy.

We created an anti-ageing cream by enriching lyophilised Tuscan grape extract with the stem cells of unripe grapes and strengthening it with polyphenols from the wines produced at the Tenuta Sanoner estate. Bagno Vignoni thermal water, never used before in cosmetics, helps to enhance and maximise the nourishing effects of the cream.

Flowers and plants from the South Tyrolean Dolomites provide the base for our skin-soothing cosmetics, a product line that contains antioxidant phytomelatonin, which effectively protects skin DNA and promotes tissue regeneration. We have added mountain spring water, known for its minimal dry residue content, to create a product that envelops sensitive skin in a soothing embrace, leaving it soft and moisturised.

Sicily, soon to be the home of a new ADLER Spa Resort on the enchanting Agrigento coastline, provided the natural ingredients for our face and body detox cosmetic line. We combined the active ingredients contained in citrus fruits and algae with plant oils extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide. Seawater completed the formula by enhancing the products’ detoxifying and cleansing properties.

The careful work carried out by a team sharing the same vision, in fruitful collaboration with EFFEGI Lab researchers under the guidance of Dr. Ferri, has given life to a highly innovative line of products that combine nature with technology, pharmacology and cosmetics in harmonious celebration of the spirit of the land.