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ADLER Med health concept

Mediterranean-inspired health

Our health concept brings together advanced medical facilities and integrated medical care. Our highly specialised medical staff follows a holistic approach, focusing on personalised advice and care – and on what we believe are the three pillars of health: nutrition, physical exercise and relaxation.

Areas of specialization

A detoxifying cure frees the body of toxins and cell debris that accumulate in the tissues, restoring lightness and well-being.
Weight loss and nutrition
Natural and healthy programmes for lasting weight loss, greater vitality and enhanced physical well-being
Stress management
Effective stress management strategies to enhance relaxation, regenerate the mind and achieve inner peace

Our health programmes

We tailored three health programmes for you that can be customised according to your needs: just choose the one that suits you best! Our specialists Dr Cristian Scuderi, a medical surgeon specialising in sports medicine, nutrition and nutraceuticals, and Dr Anna Maria Panarisi, a medical surgeon specialising in osteo-articular pathologies, arthrosis prevention, osteoporosis, posture and joint rehabilitation therapies, will assist you during your journey.

The ESSENTIAL programme is recommended for short stays of 2-4 nights. It includes the basic treatments and can be expanded according to your specific needs and expectations, on your own initiative or on the instructions of your doctor.
The INTENSIVE programme, on the other hand, is ideal for stays of 7-14 nights. Here, you are asked to attend a week of preparation and a week to follow up at home. For stays of 14 nights or more, there are 3 to 4 additional treatments depending on the package you choose.

The Med programme rates do not include accommodation.

Other ADLER Med services

Here you find a list of additional medical services. Depending on the treatment chosen, the therapy begins with a medical examination to understand your specific needs and accompany you on your journey towards better health and long-term well-being. Please contact us for more detailed information and personalised advice.

Bio-impedance analysis

Provides an accurate picture of body composition: body weight, muscle mass, body fat, water balance as well as proportion of bone and concentration of different minerals and trace elements in the body.

83 € per person

Bioelectric check-up

A diagnostic method for the detection of functional disorders (inflammation, covert or chronic disorders and allergies)

83 € per person

PPG Stress Flow

Analysis, monitoring and biofeedback of the autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability. This exam is used to improve physical and mental performance, nervous hunger, anxiety and panic attacks.

83 € per person