Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Our pools 

Blue realms

The rejuvenating caress of primordial power

The water experience at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is as faceted as the colours playing on the surface of the sun-kissed waves. Start your day off with a long swim, cast your gaze into the blue sky as you float weightlessly in the infinity pool or while away an hour or two in the whirlpool, before reclining in one of the panoramic relaxation areas.

Sole Pool

The indoor pool offers a secluded, intimate atmosphere while affording an open view into the outdoors through its large floor-to-ceiling windows.
Experience a deep reconnection with nature as you swim with your gaze gliding over the sea shimmering on the horizon. The whirlpool stations provide an extra touch of uncompromising well-being.
The water in the Sole pool is slightly saline and heated to a pleasant temperature in the colder months.

Dolce pool

Situated next to the Sole pool and even closer to the sea, the freshwater pool is subtly heated to provide sublime refreshment and the ideal swimming experience in any season. The adjacent garden is equipped with comfortable loungers for a rejuvenating sunbath.

Semi-Olympic sports pool

The 25-metre sports pool guarantees a quality training opportunity for swimmers. With a view of the sea and Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, it also sets the perfect stage for memorable AquaGym lessons or an inspiring morning swim.

Thalasso pool

The ultimate temple of well-being – a space swathed in tranquillity, where the only sound is the lulling murmur of the sea. The Thalasso saltwater pool enjoys a privileged position overhanging the sea, and faces the iconic white cliffs of Capobianco. In the pampering embrace of its warm water, time stands still but for the changing hues of a spectacular sunset.

Relaxation area

The perfect place for unwinding between a dip in the pool and a training session. The soft chaise longues invite you to rest and indulge as you take in the shimmer of the sea and the heavenly richness of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve.

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