Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Waves of happiness

Only sunshine, sand and serenity

Where the fresh, fragrant pine grove opens onto the golden spread of the Sicilian coastline, there lies your private slice of Mediterranean bliss. Sink your toes into the warm sand, let the transparent blue mirror steal you away from the earth for a while, and soak up the sun as the sea breeze breathes new life into your soul. 

Tucked away

Extending from the cliff of Monte Stella to the ruins of the watch tower, the beach offers six kilometres of undisturbed privacy and indescribable beauty for you to unwind and fall in love with life once again. 

Nature first

This is no ordinary beach. The Siculiana and Torre Salsa coastline is the chosen haven where sea turtles come and lay their precious eggs, and a variety of wildlife finds sanctuary from the dangers of human encroachment. To be able to share this extraordinary corner of the Earth with them is in itself a privilege. This is why we adopted a “less is more” approach when thinking about the beach. 

Dive in

The beach is situated just 300 metres from the resort, and is easily reached either with a pleasant ten-minute walk through the pine grove or by electric club car. Our activity programme also includes water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddling, which are offered by partner providers in the vicinity.

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