Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Exploring the treasures of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve

Destination Nature

Sitting atop a gentle hill, ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA enjoys a spectacular position with only a fragrant pine grove and a ribbon of golden sand to separate it from the crystalline sea. Another privilege it enjoys is its closest neighbour: the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve. Venture with us through a kaleidoscopic canvas of white cliffs and golden dunes, walk through the scents of the Mediterranean macchia and prepare for unforgettable encounters.

The Torre Salsa Nature Reserve is a land of dreams. Spread across more than 760 hectares of quiet, unspoilt coastline in the province of Agrigento, it stuns the visitor with a triumphant intertwining of wetlands and dunes, chalk crags and unspoilt coastline, lush macchia and rolling hills. It is also a sanctuary of biodiversity, and home to threatened species such as Caretta caretta turtles and porcupines as well as a variety of raptors, tortoises, green lizards and multicoloured butterflies. Torre Salsa owes its name to the Torre, an ancient watch tower standing on top of a terraced promontory criss-crossed by walking paths that lead all the way down to the bay and its limpid, shallow seabed.