Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Guests of nature

ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA has found its home on the dreamy southern coast of Sicily.
From its gentle, macchia-enveloped hill overlooking the sea, it rubs shoulders with the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, a 760-hectare natural shrine protected by WWF. Its golden beach and coastal dunes stretch for 6 kilometres, with the occasional pearly framing provided by white limestone marl cliffs. Together, the turquoise and emerald hues of the sea, coupled with the evergreen macchia and the manicured agricultural landscape create a canvass of breath-taking contrasts.
The project’s close proximity to the Nature Reserve entails compliance to the strictest regulations for environmental protection. Naturally, this translated into a very complex authorisation process, which took years to complete.

That this place more than any other required a sustainable and light-handed architectural approach, is something we have been aware of since day one. This is a natural oasis, and both the WWF and the municipality of Siculiana make the protection of this precious landscape heritage one of their priorities. But even more than that, its protection is our pledge to the Morgante family, who used to own this land for decades and still carry it in their hearts. Their request that it be safeguarded is not only very legitimate, but also perfectly in tune with the ADLER philosophy. And we feel confident that we have delivered our promise with ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA.

Natural elements such as wood, tuff, terracruda and glass assimilate nature into the very fabric of our resort, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Instead of a monolith, we have opted for individual one-floor buildings with green roofs that rest harmoniously against their backdrop. Between and around the buildings we have created small green oases such as vineyards, olive groves, gardens and aromatic herb gardens. Our guiding principle is simple: “A resort born in nature, where nature can thrive.”

The resort’s entire concept is oriented towards sustainability, from the cutting-edge energy supply systems to the considerate use of resources. This includes our cuisine: our chefs use almost exclusively the organic ingredients grown on the resort’s estate or in the surrounding area.

In nature, we are all guests – including us hoteliers. To respect and preserve the places that receive us is a non-negotiable imperative for us. Clean air, unspoilt beaches and incredible flora and fauna are irreplaceable treasures, which we want to pass on to the next generations, and to share with our valued ADLER guests!