Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Health from the power of the sea

That the sea is an inexhaustible source of well-being has been known since ancient times. Now this is also confirmed by modern medicine. The iodine- and mineral-rich sea air clears the respiratory tract, stimulates the function of the thyroid gland and lifts the spirits. The rhythmic sound of the waves calms the heartbeat and reduces cortisol levels – and gone is the sensation of stress. A dip in the sea also has a positive effect on body and mind. It cleanses the skin, tones the tissue and conveys a feeling of freedom and lightness.
When all these wonderful effects of nature meet top-notch medical services, professional advice and a comprehensive range of therapies, healing synergies are created and new paths to more vitality and a lasting sense of well-being arise. Thanks to our new ADLER Med Centre at ADLER Spa Resorts SICILIA, you can benefit from holistic programmes for prevention and regeneration, while inhaling the healthy sea breeze and enjoying the unspoilt nature that surrounds the resort.

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