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Sacred Feminine Yoga Retreat - Beatrice Mazza

With this retreat you'll be guided and accompanied on your journey to re-discover your feminine energy and your power as a woman. Through conscious movement, mindfulness practices and yoga we will take a profound journey of personal evolution together.

Sacred Feminine Yoga is an alchemical practice, which allows us to explore our subtle bodies through body movement. This is done in a flowing, dynamic style, and each class is dedicated to a specific theme. Asanas (physical postures), mudras, kriyas, pranayama and meditations all help women to connect with their true nature and feminine power. These practices are suitable for both neophytes and those who already practice other yoga styles.

Our body enables us to connect with the unfathomable part of us and to experience contentment from our own yoga mat. Interconnection with other women is a keystone in the practice of the Sacred Feminine, which is all about recognizing and honoring the feminine energy in us, in other women and in Mother Earth.

incl. half board - Junior Suite
from 19.11.2023 to 26.11.2023 7 nights 1.419,00 € per person
7 nights
19.11.2023 - 26.11.2023
1.419,00 €
per person
Our partner
Beatrice Mazza
My name is Beatrice Mazza; I’m a curious soul and a woman on the move. I have competed as an athlete for eighteen years, so physical exercise has always been key to my well-being. However, it wasn’t until my first encounter with yoga and mindfulness in 2012 that I realized how much closer to real, deep well-being we can get by learning how to listen to our subtle bodies. I have a degree in sports science and have attended vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga training in Italy, India and Indonesia.
In 2019, I started delving into Sacred Feminine Yoga to understand how the practice of yoga can support women’s energy at every stage of their lives. In the same year, I also started leading yoga retreats around Italy. A few months after my first daughter was born, in 2021, I founded Spazio Yoga al Femminile – a virtual space where women can practice yoga and meditation and explore their spiritual path with a focus on the moon, feminine energy and their own cyclical rhythms.