Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Our team - Some familiar faces, and a few new ones

Enthusiasm, professionalism and a genuine smile – at the very heart of every ADLER resort is a great team. Soon you will have the chance to meet them in our resort in Sicily – some of them for the first time, others perhaps not. In the meantime, let us introduce some of the people who will make your stay so very special.
Director Sami Aglietti is originally from Arese, a town in the province of Milan. During his two-decade-long career he has had the chance to manage prominent resorts in premium locations across the globe, from the Caribbean to the Maldives and South Africa. Now, with ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, he has a chance to further his career under the wing of an Italian hotel group backed by a long tradition, with the exciting prospect of organising from scratch an entirely new resort. All this with the added value of a resort set in a fantastic natural environment, which lacks nothing in comparison with the most famous tropical escapes. In this challenge, Aglietti is supported by Deputy Director Lukas Rubatscher, who has already proved himself and his Ladin-style managerial skills at ADLER THERMAE, our Tuscan resort.

On arrival at ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia, you will be welcomed with authentic warmth by our reception team, and in particular by Enrico Tibo. If you think his face looks familiar, it’s because you have probably met him at ADLER DOLOMITI, where he trained for his new role as head of reception.

If you feel like recharging with a tasty snack at lunchtime, please take a seat in our Osteria, where ADLER BALANCE regulars will recognise Stefano Petralia as he suggests the best dishes and wine accompaniments with his trademark savoir faire. Stefano is originally from Partanna, a town in the Sicilian province of Trapani. After spending the last 20 years in the Dolomites, he is now back “home” to take on a new challenge – and to be reunited with “u scrusciu du mari” … the sound of the sea.

As for dinner, Alessandro De Angelis and his team will welcome you to the panoramic restaurant, where a gourmet experience awaits you. Born and bred in Rome, De Angelis has always worked at renowned venues, including Hotel Baglio Occhipinti (Ragusa) and the Baglioni Resort in the Maldives. He has now joined the ADLER team, and if you ask him why, he’ll say: “Here, I can work in a stimulating environment without having to leave Italy. Also, I love Sicily, its people, its landscapes, its cultural heritage… but most of all, its flavours. As a foodie and passionate sommelier, I carry the tastes and scents of Sicily in my heart!”

By the way, the culinary creations served at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA are all made from premium locally sourced ingredients. The kitchen brigade consists entirely of Sicilians, led by no other than Giuseppe Schimmenti, whose career started in a restaurant in the Sicilian resort of Tonnara di Bonagia. “I remember that back then, people used to take fish to the church for a blessing before using it in the kitchen!” (No worries, we won’t go that far! 😊) One day, Giuseppe chose to leave Sicily in search of new experiences… which brought him to ADLER DOLOMITI. “It was the beginning of 2020, and rumours had spread of a project for a new resort on the Agrigento coast. From that moment, it was clear to me that my future would be tied to ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA,” he says.

If you are looking forward to letting yourself be pampered by expert hands, you can do so in our spa, where Giulia Ciccarello Spitaleri and her team will be ready to offer you a tailored wellness experience. Giulia was born and bred in Genoa, but her family is originally from a small mountain village not far from ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA. “This is where I used to spend the summer holidays as a child, and I’ve been enthusiastic from the start at the thought of working here. The tranquillity of this place, the delicate hues of the landscape… as a spa manager, I cannot imagine a better place for unplugging and relaxing.”

The suites offer every comfort. Luminita Anka Durdun, who is in charge of house-keeping, will be happy to arrange them exactly to your liking – with great attention to detail and a touch of perfectionism. Anka left Romania as a young girl, and spent almost 25 years in the Val Gardena valley. Now, she is ready for a fresh start. Her husband fully supports this “crazy” idea, and so does her dog Maya, who is always more than happy to splash around in the sea and play among the waves.
In the ADI Kids’ Club, children will be welcomed by Irene Giuffrida’s smiling face and entertained by a well-rounded programme of activities. After earning the affection of guest children and the trust of their parents for over 20 years at ADLER DOLOMITI, Irene will continue to do so with the same joy and enthusiasm here in Sicily. Our new resort gives her the opportunity to reunite with the part of her heart that never truly left Sicily and her home town of Catania. “The Dolomites are magnificent, and we Sicilians are good at settling wherever we go. Still, our roots are deep and we remain very attached to our homeland.”

Many other staff members deserve a spotlight here. Some faces will be new to you, some won’t. All of them have their own unique personality and story to tell. But we would rather let you have the pleasure of meeting and getting to know them in the flesh, in Sicily. Together, they will create that special atmosphere that is shared by all ADLER resorts. They will make you feel a lifetime away from your daily grind, and yet… at home.