Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Outdoor life - Timeless emotions

Did you know that, as latitude goes, ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is just a few miles north of Tunis? If you are wondering what the best time of year is to visit this charming little corner of the Mediterranean, the answer is simple: always! With its mild climate, Sicily has something special to offer in every season, with plenty of options for getting active and enjoying the great outdoors.
Spring – the awakening of the senses
Around February, when northern Italy still sits in the grip of winter, spring is already on its way to Sicily. Here, you can give free rein to your lust for life, outdoor activities and exploration, whether you prefer walking, cycling or riding an electric bike. The nearby Torre Salsa Nature Reserve is a spectacle in its own right, with the macchia painting the landscape with its multi-coloured blossoms. Take advantage of our guided outings to let yourself be enveloped by the scent of orange blossoms, rosemary and juniper, as you take in the vast expanses of wild orchids, watch flocks of migratory birds resting on the shore, and – why not? – take your first dips into the sea. If you’d rather immerse yourself in warmer waters, you can always head for our heated pools. Oh, and how about a horse ride through dunes and pine groves?

Sand and sun – the long Sicilian summer

From June to late October, the Agrigento coastline is a beacon of sunshine and summery scents, and the local resorts teem with life. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches, the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve remains an unspoilt oasis of peace and natural beauty. Imagine: sun-kissed expanses of the finest sand for relaxing long walks, a crystal-clear sea with refreshing waters where adults can swim and a shallow seabed where children can paddle the day away safely. There are fabulous coves with incredible marine flora and fauna waiting for snorkellers. For those who wish to explore the Agrigento coast from a new, sustainable perspective, we also organise kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddling activities with the help of local providers.

Autumn – outdoor activities and culinary indulgence
It is in autumn that Sicily’s flavours are at their most intense. It is the season when grapes, olives, almonds and local saffron are harvested. So, why not seize the opportunity and combine an autumnal excursion into the natural world with a food and wine tasting in one of the many renowned wineries in the Agrigento area? At ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, autumn is also the season of sports and wellness. Swimming, cycling, running... sports enthusiasts can take their pick with events such as the ADLER Sport Week. This week-long programme includes intensive and comprehensive training in swimming, running, cycling and the latest sports trend: swimrunning. Participants will be supervised by experienced coaches and nutritionists, and pampered with a range of spa treatments. Those who prefer to de-stress and find their peace can take advantage of our yoga retreats.

Winter – the mild side of the cold season
From December to March, temperatures are mild, the rain never lasts long and the sun does not leave much room for winter. Here in Sicily, the Mediterranean macchia is always vital and thriving, the orange harvest lasts until February, and in early March the renowned Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento attracts thousands of visitors from near and far. Our local guides will choose the best itineraries for this time of year, and take you on a journey of discovery into the very soul of Sicily. Festivals, tastings, cultural events and walks through the historical centres of ancient villages will give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the lust for life and the proverbial hospitality of the Sicilian people.
Step out of the resort and follow us to discover a soul-ensnaring slice of Sicily – one that will excite you at any time of year!