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Our commitment to eco-friendly tourism

With Sicily, it was love at first sight. And on first sight, we knew we needed to tread lightly. Like all ADLER Resorts, our first coastal resort was born of our love for nature and our deep-rooted sense of awe for its beauty. To respect and preserve the amazing environment that hosts ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, and the incredible biodiversity it is home to, is not just an option. It’s a duty and a privilege, because we are all guests in nature. We hoteliers included. To us, committing to sustainability is not a compromise – it is our way of contributing to the only wealth worth fighting for.
Everything we do is informed by a non-negotiable principle: our resort has to blend in with the landscape without altering its natural balance and beauty. Bioarchitecture was the only way forward. We opted for a dispersive layout of single-storey buildings alternating with botanical oases where we grow strictly indigenous plants. The locally typical building materials we used – such as tuff, unbaked clay, opus signinum and natural stone cladding – create a pleasant indoor environment that promotes a sense of well-being while also respecting the aesthetics of the surroundings. 
To us, it is important to give back to the land and its people. We try to do this in as many ways as possible, including getting actively involved in care and conservation initiatives such as the rewilding of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve and removal of invasive alien species. Another way we contribute is through our farm-to-table concept: all the fruits, vegetables and herbs we serve grow directly in our resort’s orchards and gardens. The rest of the ingredients are predominantly from local suppliers and preferably from organic and biodynamic farming. We also offer guests an ecologically minded activity programme that enables them to truly get to know and enjoy Sicily and its people in a respectful, sustainable way. Not only does this offer guests a more authentic experience – it also supports the local economy and allows for a smaller environmental footprint, for example by reducing water consumption and transport-related pollution. 

Everything we do has an impact, and every single choice can make a difference. For this reason, the entire experience at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is tuned to sustainability. Within the resort, we use electric club cars to cover the longer distances. We put a lot of effort into minimising and separating waste (especially plastic waste), digitalising all processes to reduce paper, and optimising consumption of laundry materials. 
We also use cutting-edge heat pumps to recover energy, and avoid fossil fuels for the air conditioning system, so as to promote the use of renewable sources. 
At ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, you don’t have to compromise on comfort to achieve sustainability. You can enjoy Sicily’s natural paradise safe in the knowledge that it will still be here, unmarred, the next time you return.

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