Can you hear the sound of the sea?

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Sea to table

Garden to glass

A sudden apparition.
Strings of light gliding gently over the surface of the sea.
It’s the fishing boats, casting their nets off the coast of Sciacca after the sun has dipped beyond the horizon. They will be back at the crack of dawn.
Now it’s morning, and the quays are abuzz. Tuna, swordfish, mullet, pink shrimp, all sorts of seafood. It all needs to be unloaded, sorted and auctioned off as quickly as possible, so that it’s served at its freshest, and tastiest.

Just a few hours, and our chefs are already at work conjuring up delectable recipes using these marine treasures and other equally fresh produce from the land. And not just any land. Most of the ingredients come directly from the gardens and fruit orchards spread across the resort.
These small, organically farmed areas are unique to ADLER Sicilia – you will be hard pressed to find anything similar anywhere else. They reflect the extraordinary biodiversity of this land, while also providing our kitchen and guests with zero-miles olives, citrus fruits, vegetables and herbs.

It is not for nothing that Sicily is universally regarded as a paradise for gourmets and fine wine connoisseurs. Every corner of this island has its own specialities and boasts a generous output of premium agricultural products.
The area surrounding the resort yields dozens of different varieties of lemons, as well as the renowned Ribera oranges and a wealth of pistachios, almonds, figs and world-acclaimed wines. An extraordinary culinary landscape shaped by favourable weather and the heritage left by the many populations that passed through Sicily. Greeks, Arabs, Normans, French, Spaniards – they all made their mark, including in the local cuisine.
The ancient Greeks introduced almonds, honey, olives and several innovations in the field of wine-growing. The Arabs brought us Oriental spices and the knowledge of how pasta is made. The Spaniards gave us tomatoes, sweet peppers and even cocoa, thus allowing for the creation of the celebrated Modica chocolate.
This is how, over millennia, a multicultural cuisine has evolved in the area, putting Sicily at the very heart of the Mediterranean culinary art.

As guests of ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia, you will be able to explore the incredible variety of Sicilian flavours in fine, evocative surroundings. Our spacious restaurant areas have been designed in a Mediterranean minimalistic style, with sleek lines and natural materials such as cedar wood, tuff and glass. Several show cooking stations allow guests to watch as their dishes are being prepared.

The farm-to-table culinary experience is enhanced by a spectacular view of the sea, and accompanied by a fine selection of exquisite wines.

A delight for the palate and the eye alike.