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ADLER cooking classes

Between vineyards and ancient temples

Italy is the land of regional specialities. Each area – even each village – has its own recipes that are passed down through the generations. Taking part in our cooking classes is a unique opportunity to discover the most delicious sides of Sicily and Tuscany. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will learn to prepare typical dishes that will delight your loved ones when you recreate them at home.
This cooking class, organised by the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, is set in a truly exceptional location: in the middle of the Valley of the Temples, in a renovated estate surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and almond trees – and among vegetable gardens where tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and other Mediterranean varieties thrive. The day begins with a tour of the historic temple grounds. Then it’s off to the kitchen, but not before gathering fresh ingredients for the delicious primo (starter). Instructed by a renowned chef, you will be taught step-by-step how to prepare a traditional pasta dish. For the busiate (long macaroni), ancient grains are used that are not only rich in vitamins but also low in gluten and, therefore, particularly digestible. The sugo (sauce) is always made from fresh garden produce and varies according to the season. To crown this culinary experience, you can look forward to a dessert tasting of almond biscuits, pistachio creams and other delicacies provided by the Valley of the Temples consortium.
At Tenuta Sanoner, the winery of ADLER Spa Resort THERMAE, Anna Tigrato will take you on a journey through the culinary traditions of Tuscany. Anna is a very talented and experienced chef who knows how to transform humble ingredients into extraordinary dishes. Inspired by her mother’s culinary prowess, she has nurtured a passion for cooking since her early years, amassing a treasure trove of culinary inspiration and authentic recipes along the way. Her heart, however, remains devoted to the rustic and timeless Tuscan classics. Under Anna’s expert guidance, you’ll learn the art of hand-rolling pici (thick spaghetti-like pasta) and master the preparation of the filling for fresh tortelli (stuffed pasta). You’ll also learn the secret to perfectly crispy cantucci (almond biscuits). As the class comes to a close, you’ll revel in a cheerful atmosphere while savouring the three-course meal that you’ve skilfully prepared together. Each dish will be thoughtfully paired with Tenuta Sanoner wines that complement the flavours perfectly. The cooking experience also includes a tour of the wine cellar and a tasting of our Aetos sparkling wines.
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