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Giuseppe Basta
Oenologist in the Tenuta Sanoner

Green Gold - what you need to know about olive oil

The Tenuta Sanoner started, beside the production of AETOS wine, also the production of AETOS olive oil.
We select and harvest the olives to ensure low acidity. Green-golden in color, with a fruity and herbaceous aroma: the taste is also fruity and herbaceous, with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste.

At the time of Caesar and Cleopatra, olive oil had an importance on a par with donkey’s milk. It was used to treat skin disorders, headaches and upset stomachs. It was only later that the “green gold” also became a foodstuff. Olives flourish where grapes also do well and they are ideal for Tuscany and Val d’Orcia. The soils on the slopes are comprised of clay, sand and a volcanic mineral rock called trachyte.

AETOS extra Vergine organic olive oil is composed of the following varieties:

Rough, restless, agitated: This ancient representative of the Central Italian olive varieties has a character all of its own. Frantoio olives are strong and spicy. They taste of artichokes, bitter almonds, green apples and olive leaves. A typical detail: They leave you with a scratchy throat (in Italian: “pizzica in gola”).

The commonest olive variety in Umbria takes wind, drought and inhospitable sites in its stride but is sensitive to low temperatures. The farmer’s efforts are rewarded with fruity, spicy olives tasting of almonds, sage and oregano which have a clearly bitter taste from their high polyphenol content.

The Correggiolo olive – often confused with Frantoio – is a very popular variety, which takes longer to mature but delivers very good harvests. The olives are small to mediumsized and have a high oil content. The greenish oil has a spicy-fruity taste.

Pendolino comes from the Italian word for swing and the branches of this tree, which hang like those of a weeping willow, wave in the wind in melancholy style. The oil of the olives is a symphony of bitter and sweet tastes. As a single variety oil, it is a delight. The only problem: Pendolino is susceptible to disease.

The mighty, oak-like Leccino tree stands slightly crooked in the landscape and is very photogenic. The oil of the olives is sweet, fruity and of excellent quality – one of the reasons why this variety, which comes from the Florencearea, is now to be found in almost all olive-growing regions of Italy. The trees also withstand a fair amount of frost.

The trees – of limited to medium height, upright in shape and densely leaved – are noted for the constant yields they produce. The oil of the olives is fruity, mild and harmonious. As the olives ripen, they gradually change colour from green to violet.

The AETOS biological extra virgin olive oil is well suited to seasoning raw food (such as salads) or for marinating fish. Beyond its uses as an accompaniment to our home-baked bread or spice in many of our dishes, even sweets harmonise perfectly with the rich aromas of the olive.