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Raffaele Porceddu
Maitré and Sommelier at the ADLER Spa Resort Thermae

Welcome Brunello 2013!

Montalcino, the homeland of the prestigious Brunello, is a charming village south of Siena, perched on a hill and surrounded by lush vineyards.
Brunello 2013: a promising vintage
Here, just a few kilometers from the ADLER Spa Resort Thermae, a special microclimate allows the vineyards planted in Sangiovese Grosso to give life to intense red wines with an unique flavor.

As Maître and Sommelier of the ADLER Thermae, at the beginning of each season I am going to review our wine list. I personally take care of the selection, trying to offer our guests a varied choice, naturally with an eye for the products of the territory.

As a wine lover, I certainly do not dislike a good glass, from time to time - for example, tasting with my team the oenological innovations of the season. After all, each of us must be aware not only of the quality characteristics of Brunello, but also of the strict DOCG standards, which are applied to its production: the Brunello di Montalcino Wine Consortium carefully monitors the quality level, with the aim of protecting the good name of this "Prince" among the Tuscan wines, famous all over the world. The placing on the market is authorized after 5 years from the year of harvest (6 years for Riserva quality), since only a 4 year maturation in oak barrels and a subsequent refinement in bottle for at least one year, allow it to develop that intensity that makes it so unique and special.

Already now the vintage is characterized by an articulated structure: the velvety and harmonious taste, combined with a brilliant ruby red hue and a "long nose" - a term dear to the experts to indicate its typical intense aroma, with hints fruity and undergrowth. Tannins and acidity seem well balanced, its robustness promises longevity. Perfectly in line with the great tradition, this vintage also stands out for its character and refinement. Of course, depending on the altitude, the exposure of the vines, as well as the production technique of the individual grower can affect the quality, but personally I did not find significant differences in expression compared to the top years of 2010 and 2012, already awarded with the coveted 5 stars. And because this wine develops its potential over the years, I think it will still give us some pleasant surprises.

I invite you to taste our "Red Pearls", Brunello di Montalcino 2013, Brunello Riserva 2012 and Rosso di Montalcino 2016, during your next stay at the ADLER Spa Resort Thermae, which I recommend to combine with red meats, tasty cheeses like the Tuscan pecorino, or with mushroom dishes or with truffle flavor. But given its peculiarities Brunello is suitable to be tasted even away from meals, as an excellent meditation wine.