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A yearning for the sea

Crashing waves and fragrant greenery

Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by azure bays and lined with macchia, the island is the epitome of an unspoilt retreat. But there is more than natural beauty to be found between its fragrant olive and orange groves and its long stretches of golden beaches. For Sicily is also a land of historic sites and endless opportunities to savour, experience and indulge. Blessed by a year-round mild climate and the scents of all things beautiful, this timeless island inspires a yearning for the sea that burns through the coldest of winters.  

ADLER in Sicily

Visit us in the heart of the Mediterranean

PANORAMA Finnish sauna

At 85°C and with a humidity rate of 15 to 20%, the Finnish sauna affords a breath-taking view of the sea and Mediterranean macchia. The sauna infusions, offered daily, add to the experience by enhancing the wholesome effects of the heat.

Sole Pool

The indoor pool offers a secluded, intimate atmosphere while affording an open view into the outdoors through its large floor-to-ceiling windows.
Experience a deep reconnection with nature as you swim with your gaze gliding over the sea shimmering on the horizon. The whirlpool stations provide an extra touch of uncompromising well-being.
The water in the Sole pool is slightly saline and heated to a pleasant temperature in the colder months.

Dolce pool

Situated next to the Sole pool and even closer to the sea, the freshwater pool is subtly heated to provide sublime refreshment and the ideal swimming experience in any season. The adjacent garden is equipped with comfortable loungers for a rejuvenating sunbath.


“Mens sana in corpore sano” – paying heed to ancient wisdom, ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA offers you a space where training reaches an entirely new level of comfort and pleasure. Our fitness hall features the latest Technogym equipment, and hosts our daily offer of complimentary courses and private coaching sessions.


A gentle sauna experience which combines the soothing power of heat with the awe-inspiring beauty of the view – the biosauna is the perfect place to let loose and focus on your well-being. It has a temperature of around 60°C and a humidity rate of 40%.

Semi-Olympic sports pool

The 25-metre sports pool guarantees a quality training opportunity for swimmers. With a view of the sea and Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, it also sets the perfect stage for memorable AquaGym lessons or an inspiring morning swim.

Steam bath

Tucked away in a patch of Mediterranean greenery, the steam bath is the stepping stone to complete relaxation, or the perfect ending to a day dedicated to wellness. The temperature of 45°C combined with a 90% humidity rate creates the perfect conditions for alleviating rheumatic pain and muscle tension.

Relaxation with a view

The panoramic relaxation room is the perfect retreat for putting the world on hold, whether after a massage, before a sauna session, or just for a quality break in a tranquil, secluded place.

Thalasso pool

The ultimate temple of well-being – a space swathed in tranquillity, where the only sound is the lulling murmur of the sea. The Thalasso saltwater pool enjoys a privileged position overhanging the sea, and faces the iconic white cliffs of Capobianco. In the pampering embrace of its warm water, time stands still but for the changing hues of a spectacular sunset.

Relaxation area

The perfect place for unwinding between a dip in the pool and a training session. The soft chaise longues invite you to rest and indulge as you take in the shimmer of the sea and the heavenly richness of the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve.

An oasis of tranquillity

Around 300 metres of picturesque nature – that’s all that stands between ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA and the azure Mediterranean sea. The 6-kilometre-long strip of sand, lined with dunes and cliffs, stretches from the slopes of Mt. Stella to the Capo Bianco bay. An authentic idyll, created by Nature for you to enjoy undisturbed peace and relaxation. This stretch of coast – one of the most beautiful in Sicily – is managed by the WWF, which is committed to protecting its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystem. A pristine pine forest keeps the sand dunes from drifting, thereby preserving one of the most outstanding features in the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve.

The Valley of the Temples and the Selinunte archaeological park

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento is a spectacular testimony to ancient Greek colonisation spread across 1,300 hectares of pure wonder. Take a walk among 30-metre tall columns and massive tympana and let your jaw drop in awe at the sight of the beautifully preserved temple of Concordia, or lose yourself in a distant past as you walk the golden expanse of the Olympeion field. Descend into the catacombs of Grotte di Frangipane and let your imagination run free as you sit on the stone steps of the Bouleuterion – the ancient Greek senate house.

Once a thriving Greek colony, Selinunte is now the largest archaeological park in Europe, developing across an area of 270 hectares. Its temples soar high against the bright blue of the Sicilian sky, telling a story that spans 2,500 years. The vast area can be negotiated either on foot or by electric car, and there is also a special train that covers a dedicated route inside the park.

Nature first

This is no ordinary beach. The Siculiana and Torre Salsa coastline is the chosen haven where sea turtles come and lay their precious eggs, and a variety of wildlife finds sanctuary from the dangers of human encroachment. To be able to share this extraordinary corner of the Earth with them is in itself a privilege. This is why we adopted a “less is more” approach when thinking about the beach. 

The Stagnone Nature Reserve

Outside Marsala lies a tranquil paradise of pink salt pans, red-roofed windmills and a blue lagoon dotted with scenic islands. 
The Stagnone Nature Reserve extends from the Punta di San Teodoro beach to Capo Boeo – an important Carthaginian historical site. It offers sanctuary to a variety of terrestrial and marine species. The shallow waters are home to Posidonia Oceanica, a precious sea plant that provides oxygen to the water, allowing the survival of an impressive biodiversity. A number of bird species also thrive in the protected environment of the reserve, including its iconic pink flamingos. The inspiring landscape of the Stagnone Nature Reserve provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of activities, from birdwatching to kite surfing. 

Dive in

The beach is situated just 300 metres from the resort, and is easily reached either with a pleasant ten-minute walk through the pine grove or by electric club car. Our activity programme also includes water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddling, which are offered by partner providers in the vicinity.

Farm Cultural Park, Favara

This urban regeneration project situated a few kilometres east of Agrigento is the product of a family’s love for their homeland, and their determination to help it rise from the rubble – both literal and metaphoric – of a tragedy that shook the local community to the core. The Farm Cultural Park is an art gallery, culture centre, artists’ residence and culinary showcase rolled into one eclectic space within the town’s historical centre. As their motto goes: “A place that makes you happy”. 

Ribera – the town of oranges and slow enjoyment

Awarded the Slow City designation in recognition of its sustainable lifestyle, Ribera is beautifully situated on a high plateau 230 metres above the sea. The mild climate and abundant water provide a fertile terroir for growing the succulent PDO Washington Navel oranges for which Ribera is renowned. Local attractions include the Anguilla necropolis, the Foce del Fiume Platani Nature Reserve, and the Monte Sara area. 

Luigi Pirandello home and museum

The family home of Italian Nobel-winning playwright Luigi Pirandello is situated near Porto Empedocle. Declared national heritage, the 18th century villa now hosts a museum dedicated to the world-famous dramatist, where a vast collection of memorabilia is on display, including everything from family heirlooms to materials relating to his works. A multimedia tour of the house guides visitors room by room through the history of Pirandello’s life and work. The final stretch of the journey leads along a scenic footpath to a pine tree in the countryside, where Pirandello’s ashes were placed to rest.

AKI Kids’ Club

The AKI Kids’ Club is designed to cater for the needs of children from 4 years of age. Our friendly childminders are there to look after our younger guests, keeping them entertained all day long with sports, exciting activities and creative games. Under caring supervision, your children will have the chance to play to their heart’s content and make lots of new friends, with the option of also having lunch and dinner in the children’s dedicated area. The AKI Kids’ Club is open Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 2 p.m.

AKI program

A little preview of what is in store for your children? We’ll go out into nature, build sandcastles, and do handicraft works with materials collected on the beach. We will also visit a farm to discover how cheese is made, and taste delicious honey directly from the beekeeper. There’s always something fun to do, here at the Club!


A dream location between the macchia and the sea.

The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA lies on the sandy coast of the Agrigento province, surrounded by its own Garden of Eden and the green vegetation of the Torre Salsa nature reserve.  

Scala dei Turchi

Some sights stay with you forever. Scala dei Turchi is one of them. So much so that an application has been made for it to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The mighty cliff of white marl diving into the blue sea of Realmonte makes a popular literary and filming location, as well as one of the most visited sights in the area of Agrigento.
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