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A plate full of lightness

Fresh ingredients for authentic taste

A holiday finds its perfection in culinary delight. That’s why we attach great importance to top quality cuisine and your taste experience at our Spa Resorts and Lodges. Natural, high-quality and, as far as possible, regional ingredients are at the heart of the ADLER Cuisine. Enjoy consciously and fully savour your gourmet moments! 

ADLER quality guarantee - Regional & Homemade

From Tuscan pecorino cheese to freshly squeezed orange juice from Sicily, and from fresh home-grown herbs to ancient South Tyrolean grains from the nearby fields, provenance makes a real difference.
This is why we focus on provenance when choosing the ingredients for our dishes: in our resorts and lodges, we use mainly locally-sourced premium quality produce – carefully selected and hand-processed by our kitchen crew to create authentic specialities.

The ADLER Regional Partner seal helps you identify the items from the menus and buffets that have been prepared with regional ingredients, while our homemade specialities are recognised by the ADLER Homemade label.


United for quality
Active cooperation with South Tyrolean and Tuscan farmers and food suppliers is one of the pillars upon which the ADLER philosophy rests. We know each of them personally, and work with them to develop projects, share insights and inspire each other.

Eco-friendly excellence
We care about biodiversity just as much as we care about quality. This is why we rely on short-chain supply as a means to preserve the environment while also serving you the freshest quality food.

Ancient varieties make their return
Prompted by growing demand, many food growers are exploring new possibilities and rediscovering varieties that have been almost forgotten, such as ancient grains, selected herbs, edible flowers and rare fruit and vegetables.


It tastes like passion
To create their delectable recipes, our chefs take their time and use rigorously fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Our homemade specialities are prepared with passion, dedication, a pinch of creativity and no additives – the best ingredients for a unique culinary experience.

Authentic local flavours
Made according to ancient recipes and perfected with a contemporary touch, our homemade dishes embody the local history, traditions and culture.

A time for everything
Naturally, not all products are fresh and available year-round. Still, we make it our job to surprise you with new temptations in every season.


From our winery Tenuta Sanoner

Wine and olive oil from the heart of Tuscany

Our Tenuta Sanoner in Tuscany is very close to our hearts. Surrounded by the picturesque hills, we produce exquisite wines, fine olive oil and spicy balsamic vinegar. You can, of course, enjoy our home-grown products in any of the ADLER houses. You are also welcome to visit the Tenuta Sanoner.