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A resort by the sea.
With a difference.

A picture tells more than a thousand words, and perhaps the video rendering on our website has already given you a first glimpse of what ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia looks like.
As you would expect, this new resort embodies the ADLER philosophy.
Like all other ADLER Resorts, it is nestled in a dream location and blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, offering endless opportunities for relaxation and contact with nature.

Yet, there is something unique about ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia. It has a character of its own that sets it apart from the usual luxury hotel in the Mediterranean. This resort is simply different – in its vision, offer and design. Its uniqueness stretches beyond the mere aesthetics: ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia has been conceived to provide the utmost in comfort and well-being, all year round.

The idea of spatially distributed buildings, which had already proved successful at ADLER Lodge, has been perfected in such a way that our new Sicilian resort blends seamlessly with the landscape, becoming part of it rather than dominating it. The various one or two-storey buildings follow the land’s sloping shape, opening up the view to the sea below. The restaurant, spa and pools are surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and cultivated gardens where the fresh produce for our farm-to-table cuisine grows.

The deliberately sober architectural design embodies our philosophy of effortless, understated luxury by combining clear, elegant lines with eco-friendly natural materials, most of which are locally sourced. Our objective was to create sustainable spaces that are a pleasure to inhabit. Most interiors, including the rooms, feature walls clad in natural unbaked clay – an excellent moisture-wicking material that creates a well-balanced room climate. Many floors in the resort are finished in opus signinum, a traditional ecological material comprising minutely crushed bricks and fine mortar made from air lime. Some of the buildings are clad in tuff, an effusive volcanic rock found mainly in the Etna volcano area, which keeps the rooms pleasantly cool in summer and warm in winter. The wide glazing adds a sense of openness and freedom, blurring the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor.

There is of course another natural material that is a must at any ADLER Resort – in fact, the natural material par excellence: wood. But while all our mountain resorts feature Alpine woods such as larch, spruce and stone pine, we chose a Mediterranean wood for our Sicilian resort. Skilfully shaped by specialist carpenters, the cedar wood at ADLER Sicilia has a delicate sandy colour and a finish that seems to have been tumbled by the sea waves themselves. Interiors are decorated with wood panels printed in subtle pastel shades and floral motifs. Some of the floors are also made of fine natural woods.

While staying true to its pure, unaffected aesthetics, ADLER Spa Resort Sicilia makes concessions to architectural peculiarities and unusual artistic details that are best discovered while indulging in a relaxing, carefree holiday experience.

Passion for architecture runs in our blood. This is why, in collaboration with long-standing partner architect Hugo Demetz, we have chosen to create something unique – a resort where the “genius of the place” is captured and expressed with a contemporary twist to offer ultimate wellness through unforgettable experiences.