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An entirely new level of relaxation

If you are looking for a new wellness experience, try ADLER REVIVE! Developed by our spa experts, this exclusive ritual brings together massages, beauty treatments and wellness in a unique combination.
A great favourite among our guests, ADLER REVIVE is a back, face and head treatment that induces a sense of encompassing well-being.

To begin with, warm cushions filled with rice and ginger are applied to your back with gentle stretching manoeuvres. This pleasant introduction helps to relax the muscles and prepare you for the 75 minutes of pampering that follow. The next step is a special back massage that combines classic hand manoeuvres with the application of heated basalt pebbles, which deliver targeted heat impulses onto the skin. This has a very soothing effect, especially on areas of tension.

The next step is performed while in the supine position: tensions and blockages in the neck, head and shoulders are massaged away by gentle flowing and stretching manoeuvres. The spine is also stretched into a state of complete relaxation.

At this point, the ritual transitions seamlessly into a facial treatment. After a pore-deep cleanse and a manual face massage performed with exclusive cosmetics from the ADLER range, special massage rollers are used to stimulate the deeper layers of tissue. This skin-rejuvenating treatment is followed by a relaxing head massage as a final step.

The ritual is rounded off by a period of rest, when you can relish your newly found relaxation with the aid of a soft eye cushion and an enveloping fruity and woody fragrance from our ADLER range.

Restore your balance with this uniquely regenerating experience and release any muscular tension!

Linda Demetz
ADLER Spa Dolomiti