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Alpe di Siusi, an open-air pharmacy

Verdant meadows dotted with colourful paint strokes, the air filled with a spicy fragrance – after the thaw, the Alpe di Siusi plateau slowly turns into a sea of colourful flowers. But there´s more to the Alpine flora than its eye-catching beauty and nose-pleasing scents.
With 790 different botanical species, Alpe di Siusi turns out to be a bona-fide open-air pharmacy. The part-limestone, part-volcanic soils at the foot of the Dolomites are rich in nutrients, which allow for an extraordinary variety of medicinal herbs and flowers to thrive. As well as arnica, which brightens the meadows with its vibrant yellow petals, these precious allies to our health include herbs such as wild thyme, verbena, nettle, yarrow, alchemilla and many other plants with healing properties. Some are dried and used for herbal teas and decoctions, others are left to macerate in oils or alcoholic solutions to make ointments and tinctures, and all help to cure a variety of ailments.
While the tried and tested methods of old are still in use nowadays, these natural elixirs have found their way into the exclusive world of spa treatments, where they are combined with the most advanced technologies. This is the case at ADLER Lodge ALPE, too. An arnica pack is perfect for releasing tension and soothing sore muscles. A massage performed using Alpine herb pouches relieves pain and helps to curb inflammation thanks to the combined effects of herbal and floral extracts. As you would expect from an authentic Alpine spa, we also offer traditional hay baths – rooted in the ancient healing tradition of our land, it is boon for the whole body. The herbs for this bath are exclusively sourced from unspoilt meadows at altitudes of no less than 1,500 metres. After drying up under the sun, the hay still retains all the essential oils in the various plants, including verbena, great yellow gentian, thyme and arnica. All these precious ingredients help to relieve musculoskeletal complaints and boost metabolism and immune function, as well as lifting the mood. Knowing all this, it’s no wonder the cows grazing on our meadows look so peaceful and healthy!
After a visit to the spa, a remineralising tea made from birch leaves, nettle and wild berries is the perfect way to sink deeper into relaxation, rejuvenate and savour a state of perfect harmony with the wonderful Alpine surroundings.