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Circle of cells

The spa at ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI and BALANCE has a new concept, one specifically informed by the seasons of the year and their effects on the human body. On this basis, our doctors and therapists have specially developed a range of different treatments.
The spirit may roam where it chooses, but not when it chooses. In fact, researchers have found out that cognitive skills improve in summer and autumn compared to winter and spring. More generally, science confirms that our physical well-being is strongly influenced by seasonal cycles, which affect the entire human body. Let’s take spring and its well-known attending effects, for example. The reason for them is simple enough: as days become longer and brighter, exposure to sunlight increases. The light enters the eye and, travelling via the nervous system, reaches the brain and in particular the pituitary gland, i.e. the hormone release “switchboard”. As a result, a whole host of bodily functions are influenced, including appetite, sleep, mood and sex drive. When they are well balanced, hormones stimulate the body in a positive way: the light and heat of summer tend to make us euphoric and even seductive, while the cold and darkness of winter tend to dampen the mood.

To support the body during the cold months, the ADLER SPA & MED medical staff have developed the new Circle of Cells spa concept, which includes medical and cosmetic treatments for every season.
Winter has taken its toll on the body – it’s time for a detox treatment to eliminate harmful substances and rebalance hormonal levels. The ADLER Med team will devise a personalised training and nutrition plan to round off the Detox Intense spa treatment. It starts off with a Kneipp method dry brush massage to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and remove harmful substances from body tissues. This is followed by a deep-reaching treatment with a horse chestnut serum and a quality algae pack to drain excess fluid build-up. Equally effective is the ADLER Body Slim treatment, which consists of the application of a mixture of stem cells from unripe grapes, Bagno Vignoni thermal water and caffeine. This is paired with cupping to effectively reduce cellulite and local fat deposits, reshape body contours and improve micro-circulation.

Body shaping
It’s finally spring! Happiness hormones are starting to increase, but the body doesn’t look or feel in shape just yet. The ADLER Spa Resorts team of medical doctors and therapists will devise a personalised training and nutrition plan to shape you up, with a little help from shockwave therapy. This effective body-shaping procedure helps to eliminate excess fat, tighten tissue and tone the body, with the added bonus of also improving skin elasticity. Shock waves are short, high-energy waves of a mechanical-acoustic nature that are transmitted through water or water-containing tissue. To this, we add the ADLER Body Silhouette treatment, which combines vegetal melatonin with DNA complexes and hyaluronic acid to stimulate the body’s natural collagen synthesis and improve tone and firmness.

Outside, at one with nature
For many, summer is the absolute favourite season. It is a time when life feels as light and unburdening as a breezy dress… and hormones tend to play up a bit. In summer, we feel bursting with energy that we need to let out. Outside in nature, preferably. But not all outdoor activities are equally beneficial for everyone. Our personal coach will help you to devise and implement a workout plan suited to your specific needs. Something that is not only fun, but also effective in preventing ailments and supporting back health, like fascia roller exercises, for example.

Cooling down
The August sun and heat help fruit and vegetables to ripen, but for many people they tend to worsen fluid accumulation in the lower limbs, leading to leg and foot swelling. Our Presso treatment with pressure bandages reduces fluid retention and detoxifies body tissues by boosting lymph flow and stabilising blood circulation. We recommend pairing it with our 1501 Draining Intensive Serum with algae extracts, aescin and ruscus extracts. It will leave you feeling as light as a lemongrass leaf.

Skin cleansing
Oops, summer is already over. And it has left the skin sun-stressed and sensitive, so much so that it reacts with redness and cracks when exposed to autumn’s cooler temperatures. Now it’s time to give it special care – by choosing our ADLER Facial Regeneration treatment, for example. It is the fruit of top-level cosmetic research, and combines winged senna extracts with plant melatonin to regulate gene expression, which is one of the factors responsible for skin ageing. The treatment helps to preserve skin tissue elasticity and shape. Additionally, the properties of water from the Dolomites combined with DNA complexes and hyaluronic acid moisturise the skin and promote its regeneration. Forget the dry leaves – treat your skin to a new level of freshness.

Ozone therapy
It’s time to start preparing for winter. But how to strengthen the immune system, and how to counteract the sense of tiredness caused by the diminishing hours of daylight? Tension in the neck and lower back caused by draughts and colder temperatures also need to be addressed. Ozone therapy offers a proven remedy for all this. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas with strong antibacterial and antiviral properties that also has anti-inflammatory, muscle-relaxing, regenerative and pain-relieving effects. Ozone promotes the elimination of toxins and rebalances the immune system. The perfect ally to remain healthy through the winter!