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Fresh milk and yogurt from the farm next door

Is there anything more delicious than fresh milk and yogurt from cows that graze peacefully the wholesome grass of mountain meadows?
We increasingly focus on farm-to-table cuisine, favouring ingredients sourced from local farms. This now includes milk and yogurt from the Höldhof farm, which is only a few hundred metres from our Lodge. When Paul Prackwieser took over the family farm, he decided to take a new course and dedicate his work to nature-friendly dairying. He soon managed to involve in his project Adam Giacomuzzi, a well-known ice-hockey player for the Renon team. Having always been attracted to the idea of living and working in natural surroundings, Adam took to Paul’s idea immediately. With youthful vigour and enthusiasm, the two rolled up their sleeves and procured all the necessary farm equipment for their new activity.

The Höldhof farm is currently home to thirty dairy cows, mostly from the farm’s own herd. For Paul and Adam, however, milk production is not about quantity: animal welfare and health are much more important. After all, it is a well-known fact that happy cows make the best milk. The key requirements for the health and happiness of cattle are a spacious barn, natural light, fresh air and a healthy, nutritious diet. The Höldhof farm fully meets all these requirements. The cowshed is spacious and bright, and the cows are fed exclusively fodder produced on the farm, spending most of the summer out in the open, surrounded by greenery.
After collection, the milk is slowly heated to destroy all bacteria while also preserving its content in vitamins, minerals and natural fats. This gentle process also makes the yogurt particularly tasty and creamy. The milk and yogurt are then decanted into glass containers for delivery to customers. On the next delivery round, the empties are collected, rinsed carefully and reused. No plastic, no one-way packaging – a big advantage for the environment!

Join us for the guided farm tours we offer our guests, and discover the passionate dedication Paul and Adam pour into their work to bring you premium-quality, day-fresh milk and yogurt with an authentic mountain flavour.