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Healthy and tasty - Organic cuisine at ADLER Balance

Sun-ripened fruit, fresh farm-to-fork vegetables, organic grass-fed meat from Alpine farms and fish from natural waters...
Our trademark commitment to offering top quality is reflected in every aspect of the ADLER experience – dining included! That’s why healthy, organic ingredients play the lead role in our kitchens. Guests who choose ADLER for their regenerating holiday – and ADLER Spa Resort Balance in particular – expect a health-oriented culinary experience with light, nutritious meals. To meet this expectation, we forego foods that contain additives and chemical flavourings, as well as GMO and meat from farms where animals are reared in confined, sunlight-deprived spaces.

All our suppliers offer premium organic produce and comply with sustainable agriculture guidelines – a choice that rewards us generously in terms of healthy nutrition, taste and sustainability.

Fruit and vegetables from organic farming are planted with care and harvested at the right time, meaning that they are left to ripen in the sun for longer. Moreover, organic crops need to fight off parasites and pathogens unaided by toxic pesticides and fertilisers, and this makes them grow richer in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Not only do these essential substances protect the plants, they have significant antioxidant effects on the human body, too.

As for meat, eggs, milk and dairy, we choose certified organic products from suppliers who practise natural farming with animal welfare in mind. Their animals enjoy wide, unspoilt open spaces where they can breathe the fresh mountain air. Indoors, they are kept in brighter, more spacious cowsheds and fed hay or feed from the same farm. This is probably the reason why organic mountain milk is richer in precious unsaturated fatty acids, and the meat – free from hormones and antibiotics – is both healthier and much tastier.

Speaking of taste: organic foods have unique, authentic flavours that need minimal processing and gentle cooking methods to be preserved. When cooking our ingredients, we take great care to maintain their taste and nutrients. We use salt sparingly, as we rely on fresh herbs and spices to give foods that extra touch. Our appetizing condiments are made with the purest vegetable oils enhanced with herbs from our own garden, such as oregano, rosemary and lemon balm.

To choose organic foods is to stand for locally sourced, sustainable produce that is farmed with respect for the land and the people who live on it. This is the reason why, at ADLER Balance, we choose to tap into the bountiful variety that South Tyrolean organic farming has to offer. The only ingredients that come from other Italian regions – rigorously selected from the best organic-certified suppliers – are the ones our land cannot naturally give us.

But while quality products are certainly essential, creating harmonious ensembles of taste and finesse requires something more. It takes commitment, creativity and experience. Every day, our kitchen brigade put a lot of passion and inventiveness into their job, enriching every dish with a gust of freshness. Indulge with the healthy pleasures of our organic cuisine!

Martin Noflatscher
Chef de cuisine at ADLER Spa Resort Balance