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JetPeel™ - the treatment for beautiful skin in summer

UV-radiation, high temperatures and sweat are all factors that highly affect our skin. JetPeel™is the perfect treatment to obtain an even and firm complexion. Thanks to its immediate cooling effect, it results particularly suitable in summer.
Oxygen, vitamins and nutrients for skin rejuvenation produce immediate results. Thanks to the high-tech JetPeel™ method, active ingredients tailored to the skin type are injected up to 1.5 mm deep into the skin at a speed of 720 km/h. The treatment is performed without touching the skin, through a jet stream . Thanks to the strong blood circulation, clots are dissolved and harmful substances are rejected. Dead cells are removed, pores are cleaned, the skin is hydrated. Collagen production is stimulated, facial muscles toned, waste products eliminated and moisture restored. Fine wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin takes on a noticeably younger appearance.

After the treatment, we can recommend the use of various ADLER products with suitable ingredients.

Regenerating effect

Treatment rich in natural active ingredients to support the skin's regeneration and elasticity processes. Extracts of senna alata and plant melatonin have a cellular protecting effect.

Velvety and nourishing cream mask, rich in active ingredient complexes of phytomelatonin and DN-Age® Senna Alata. It gives the skin regeneration and a feeling of well-being. The face appears naturally rejuvenated.

Firming and moisturising effect

Thanks to the active ingredient complex of unripe grape stem cells, vitamin A and hibiscus, collagen synthesis is activated. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides protect the skin against moisture loss. For firm and elastic skin.

Active ingredients from stem cells of the unripe grape berry, hyaluronic acid and tetrapeptides provide compactness and a natural lifting effect. A true energy concentrate that gives the skin intense moisture and new vitality.

JetPeel™ is a recommended treatment for all skin types and ages. It can be customised to suit your needs and the results can last for several weeks or months. Experience the 'refreshing miracle' and get a radiant skin.

The ADLER Spa team