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Arik Oberrauch
Maitré in the ADLER Lodge Alpe

Latte Art - In the heart of coffee

What do a heart and a leaf have in common?
Both are inventive coffee foam creations that adorn cappuccinos, latte macchiato and other drinks realized with coffee, served to our guests at the Adler Mountain Lodge. Because creativity has no limits and can be expressed in many ways- Latte Art is one of those.

Coffee has always been more than a simple drink for me. A good espresso is a pleasure connected to the art of fine living. In order to immerge myself in the world of coffee, I decided to frequent a bartender course at the Roasting and Toasting association Caroma in Fié. There, I learned the secrets of good coffee; from the cultivation to the processing techniques, from the different aromatic features to the right method of preparation. Last but not least I learned how to amaze the guest, thanks to the presentation, because also the vision wants his part, in this moment, the passion for the Latte Art raised inside of me.

Nevertheless, a lot of practice and patience is needed in order to acquire the familiarity that brings to good results and as much as my colleagues, I also had to scarify many liters of milk before being able to realize perfect heart shapes. Latte Art requires awareness, ability, love and attention to details. The essential elements to create original figures are: the optimal consistency and temperature o the milk foam, the right pouring technique and of course, a bit of creativity.

The first point consists in the extraction of an excellent espresso with a good cream. Afterwards, the milk has to be whipped to the right point in order to form soft and velvet micro foam, which floats on the surface of coffee, instead of sinking. The key to create nice designs is the ability of the hand movement during the milk pouring session. Speed, height and sensibility are determining factors to create a perfect foam.
Latte Art places no limits to creativity. With a bit of fantasy and ability it is possible to create a vast range of figures. During the Olympic games of Latte Art, bartenders use instruments like pens, forms and special blades to give life to proper 3D sculptures. Nevertheless, for me, the sensorial qualities of the drink, like the aroma, consistency and taste are more important than a nice figure. That’s why, for the Adler Mountain Lodge, I choose coffee of very first quality, 100% Arabica and from eco-liable commerce.

The aesthetic refinement is due to time, attention and the passion that the bartender puts onto the preparation of the drink, to make sure that the guests feel pamper enough. Heart and leaf are very easy creations, appreciated by everyone. More elaborated figures, that require a lot of foam, diminish the taste of coffee. Smooth and fine decorations, instead, beyond increasing the taste, lead the attention of the guest towards the drink, which can be enjoyed with increased awareness.

When somebody asks me what Latte Art means to me, a citation of Carl Hilty comes to my mind: “rarely we have the opportunity to give an important contribute to humanity- but we can donate instants of happiness in every moment!”