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Learning health and wellness from Nature

AKI Kids’ Club at ADLER THERMAE holds some surprises in store…

Since its inception, our AKI Kids’ Club in Tuscany has been about offering children a world of games, creativity and exciting adventures. Now, we have expanded the AKI programme with activities designed to introduce children to nature, health and wellness in a playful, age-appropriate way. This is what our friendly entertainers Veronica, Fabela and Elena have come up with to make your children’s holiday even more exciting, stimulating and educational.


Children’s yoga is gaining momentum – and for good reason, given the many benefits it offers. Besides improving motor coordination, focus and concentration, yoga is also lots of fun. At AKI, we give children a playful, creative yoga taster using play cards or associating each pose with a fun story where children turn into butterflies, dogs, cats, bees and even roaring lions. We also do mindful breathing exercises and relax using Tibetan singing bowls. Children love to place the bowl on their belly and feel the vibration spread throughout their bodies. And if we fill the bowl with water, seeing it gush out as if by magic is so exciting. Another reason why children love yoga, is that it is a great equaliser – an experience that revolves around awareness, imagination and the joy of movement.
There’s no denying that water is children’s favourite natural element. They love to float, splash around freely and experiment with different sensory stimuli. Bathing in the thermal Watsu children’s pool is more than just a dip into pleasant warmth. Not only does it give them access to the otherwise adults-only spa area, it also comes with the extra bonus of a secluded space surrounded by plants and woodland sounds. The colour of the pool itself, with its green reminiscent of natural lakes, contributes to the effect of bathing in nature, making for a very special 20-minute experience. Floats and water wings are provided for safety.
Pressed juices, centrifuges and herbal teas are as tasty as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. At AKI Kids’ Club, there’s all we need for a healthy, energy-packed snack: fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs from our own garden, as well as mixers and electric kettles. We have great fun playing with colours and tasting new flavours… And of course, the children are free to choose the ingredients for their own favourite drink.


Our programme includes a visit to a child-friendly farm, where our little guests can experience nature first-hand and get a taster of farm life. It’s a wonderful occasion to take part in the farm’s daily activities, for example by feeding the hay to donkeys and ponies, feeding hens and rabbits and collecting the eggs we use to prepare biscuits. Speaking of which, children are also welcome in the kitchen, where they will learn a delicious recipe for their afternoon snack.
GARDENING is another important activity that whets children’s interest in nature and its cycles. By collecting soil and pebbles and planting the seeds in pots with their own hands, they learn about different species of plants and flowers. Each child can then take a pot home, so as to see the plant grow with their own eyes and learn from an early age that care and growth go hand in hand. But the best thing about the whole experience is probably that getting dirty is expressly encouraged.


HANDICRAFTS are a great tool for boosting fantasy, motor and cognitive development and self-esteem. Creative activities such as painting with watercolours, modelling clay, decorating wood and learning cookery have been part and parcel of the AKI programme for years – and will continue bringing a twinkle to children’s eyes in the next seasons, too.