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Mediterranean taste:
Cuttlefish tortelli

This dish reminds me of my beloved Sicily. Whenever I cook it, it feels a bit like home to me.
Giuseppe Schimmenti - Chef ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA
Besides the traditional ingredients that are typical of the warm Sicilian land and sea, this recipe contains precious memories of my roots and fond childhood moments. I still remember the scent of the fish, freshly caught by my grandfather. He was a fisherman, and every day he used to bring fresh fish for my granny to cook. And cook it she would – with lots of love. One of my favourite dishes to find on the table when I came home from school was spaghetti “cu niuru ra siccia” – “squid ink spaghetti” in the local dialect. These are memories that I still carry in my heart and I am happy to share with you, together with the authentic scents and flavours of the Sicilian cuisine.

Cuttlefish tortelli


for the dough:

600 g perciasacchi flour
10 g salt
2 whole eggs
250 g egg yolk

for the filling:
250 g Firgentana sheep’s ricotta (well drained)
250 g stewed cuttlefish brunoise
50 g seasoned pecorino cheese
Lemon zest
Salt and pepper to taste

for the sauce:
1 onion
3 or 4 anchovies in oil
200 g cuttlefish
80 g double-concentrate tomato paste
½ litre water
1 bag cuttlefish ink
Salt and pepper to taste

for the dressing:
500 g Kamarino cherry tomatoes
Extra virgin olive oil
½ garlic clove
1 slice of onion
Salt and pepper to taste
Lemon thyme and mint leaves (for decoration)

Method (tortelli):
Make a well in the flour, add the eggs and salt, and mix until it forms an elastic dough. Leave to rest for 10-15 minutes under a damp cloth. Roll the dough out to thin lasagne-like sheets. Cut using a round pasta cutter.
Using a spoon or a pastry bag, place the filling in the centre of the rounds, close the edges to form a half-moon, and join the two ends together to form the classic tortello shape.

Method (filling):
After stewing the cuttlefish, add the ricotta and pecorino cheese, mix well until the mixture is soft and compact, and season with lemon zest, salt and pepper.

Method (sauce):
Dice the onion and brown it in oil together with the anchovies. When brown, add the cuttlefish in thin slices and the tomato paste.
Slowly add lukewarm water and let the ink dissolve, stirring slowly.
Simmer for approximately ten minutes, and add salt and pepper to taste.
When cooked, put the mixture in the blender.

Method (tomato dressing):

Let all the ingredients soak for a day.
Remove the garlic clove and the onion, and blend before use.

Dish arrangement:
Create a colour interplay of your choice when putting the squid ink sauce and the tomato dressing on the plate. Drain the tortelli and sauté gently with lemon thyme and extra-virgin olive oil. Place the tortelli on the plate, adding some freshly seared cuttlefish tentacles, and decorate with mint leaves.
For an equally tasty dish but quicker preparation, replace the tortelli with spaghetti or linguine.

Buon appetito!