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NEW Genetic testing at ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE: looking into our gene pool

How much do we know about our health? At the ADLER MED Medical Centre in our resort, genetic tests are now carried out as an additional preventive medicine service. At the ADLER Spa Resort BALANCE, you can rely on the expertise of our doctors.

How are the tests performed?
- through a mouth swab

Why can they be useful?
- for the assessment of possible chronic and degenerative diseases, states of inflammation or deficiency, nutritional needs and metabolic dysfunctions.
- for understanding the patient's general state of health by identifying possible imbalances and thus improving his or her quality of life

What types of genetic tests do we offer?
Health and well-being (at the price of € 590)
This type of DNA test assesses the state of the metabolic system, cardiovascular system, the presence of inflammatory states, bone health, weight control and the state of ageing.
Food (at the price of € 390)
This type of DNA test detects disease and intolerance to lactose, gluten, nickel, caffeine and other foods.

What are the stages?
The initial interview is always a fundamental step in defining the diagnostic and therapeutic approach. It allows our doctors to establish an initial relationship with the patient and to reconstruct his or her history: they assess the day-to-day aspects that need to be improved and identify any disorders in order to undertake effective prevention. This is the main objective of genetic testing.
Once the answer is obtained from the laboratory, the doctor optimises the patient's therapy, lifestyle and eating habits according to individual needs.

DNA tests are therefore an essential tool for our medical staff to create exclusively tailor-made treatment paths aiming to prevent all possible health risks for the patient.

All ADLER Balance and MED centre staff are at your disposal.