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New Workshop 2021: Sound Healing Retreat

All who take part in the gong week at ADLER Lodge ALPE learn to use new forms of listening and to appreciate silence while rediscovering themselves.
“Our lodge is a very special place, secluded and surrounded by nature. Those who spend their holidays here are looking for peace and quiet to recharge their batteries, and sounds help to achieve this.” Here, the Alpe di Siusi provides the perfect stage for the sound healing retreat workshop. The white crystal landscape encourages the large variety of sounds chosen by Christof Bernhard for a healing retreat in the mountains – where time and space no longer exist. Musician and gong master, he studied at music school for ten years, played flute and guitar, and trained as a percussionist. He has music in his heart and shares it with us.

The gong workshop lasts six days. Participants try many musical instruments, but not the classical ones, they are rare and have a liberating effect. Pipes, trapezoids, and discs made of different materials. Those who let themselves be completely absorbed by the sound find peace and unplug their thoughts, perceiving warm sounds drifting through the room and hovering in the air. The use of materials as copper in percussion, composes a music with no score; the sounds follow each other according to an improvisation, as in jazz. You could call it a kind of free-spirited jazz.

Each gong works on different levels of our body and mind, which allows you to go on a real journey discovering the sounds of the soul. You manage instruments, voice and metal plates sprinkled with coloured powder to stimulate all senses. This is a particularly exciting phenomenon for those who experience it and becomes even more so when approaching the gong. It is not necessary to hit it: just get close and the gong perceives the vibrations of the body and begins to move. The gong vibrates by itself; it responds to everything as if it were a mirror on the world. Simply fascinating.

Thus, no basic knowledge or musical experience is required to participate. Those participating in the workshop are deeply moved – all eyes are shining and there are even a few tears. What a beautiful ending!

The gong week will take place from 21st to 28th November 2021. A maximum of 8 guests can take part in the workshop, prior to registration.

Ilaria Andreatta
Spa Manager of the ADLER Lodge ALPE