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Sauna in the Wood

Harmony and rejuvenation among the trees. Take just a few steps from the main Lodge building, and you will find yourself immersed in the surrounding greenery. Here, under a canopy of Swiss stone pine and evergreen fir treetops, two very special saunas and a relaxation pavilion await you.
Built from wood and glass, these airy structures blend seamlessly with the natural environment all around. This is the perfect place to relax, cleanse the body and soak up new energy while gazing upon an inspiring view.

In the cold winter days, the body longs for the reinvigorating heat of a sauna, while the soul seeks a sense of comfort and quietness. From 2nd to 29th February 2020, you can take advantage of our Forest Sauna Special to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of sauna bathing and be at one with nature.


Daily Aufguss rituals take place in this Finnish sauna, intensifying the beneficial effects of the 90 degree heat. The ritual is performed by a Saunameister, who pours water onto hot stones and circulates the resulting steam using a towel to spread it evenly throughout the sauna cabin. The increased humidity causes profuse sweating, while the scent of natural essences envelops the senses in a cloud of Alpine charm.

Thanks to the moderate heat and pleasurable humidity of this sauna, the essential oils released by Alpine herbs and dried flowers are absorbed by the airways and skin. If you close your eyes, you will feel as if you are sitting in a mountain meadow. Set at a temperature of 65°C, the hay sauna offers a gentle alternative to the classical Finnish sauna.

This is a special retreat, where the outdoors blends with the indoors. Imposing trees break through the wide wooden balcony on their way up to the sky. Inside, the stone pine wood creates a wholesome and scented ambience. The background music truly inspires a sense of calmness. There is no better place to unwind, whether you are relaxing after a sauna session or just whiling some hours away dozing, reading or daydreaming. From time to time, cast a glance outside and let yourself be enchanted by the unspoilt nature that surrounds you.

In the charming setting of ADLER Lodge Ritten, enjoy a rejuvenating experience for the body and soul!

Emily Brugnoli
Spa Manager at ADLER Lodge Ritten