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Simon Moroder offers a glimpse into the secrets of the cosmos

How are stars born? How long do they live and why do they die? Is that tiny dot over there a planet? Where is the Milky Way? And how far away is all of this?
Simon Moroder has been enthralled by the mysteries of the cosmos since he was a child. As a young boy, he used to climb up the hills with his friends just to soak up the magnificent view of the starry night sky, his head buzzing with questions.
Now that starry-eyed boy has grown into a real expert in astronomy. As members of the Max Valier Observatory, in the Eggental valley, he and other 160 South Tyrolean astrophiles are brought together by their love of the stars and a desire to share their knowledge of all things cosmos with other people.

Once a week, Simon takes our guests to a fascinating journey through the universe, letting them in on the secrets of constellations and comets, white dwarves and black holes, nebulae and galaxies. Delivered in a laid-back atmosphere, his presentation is not only captivating, but also easy to understand for anyone and complete with a set of stunning pictures, most of which were taken by Simon himself. In fact, he is not only a passionate astrophile, but also an amateur photographer and keen traveller – two hobbies that perfectly complement his love of astronomy. Many of his pictures were taken right here in the Dolomites, while others portray some of the most spectacular night skies Simon captured with his camera during his journeys to remote corners of the Earth.

Weather permitting, at the end of the presentation the guests have the chance to take a closer look at the moon, planets and galaxies through his binoculars while he answers their many questions.
Besides, what better setting could there be to enjoy the inspiring view of a starry night than the absolute quiet of the mountains, far away from the lights of the town and valleys?

Come meet the stars, here is a foretaste of what awaits you: