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Steam bath: revitalise body, soul and mind

Essential oils, extracted from natural herbs, dissolve in the steam and penetrate the body through the skin and respiratory tract where they have their beneficial effects.
An ancient story traces the long path of the steam bath, which is still celebrated as a tradition in several countries nowadays. In contrast to classic saunas, the steam baths are considered comfortable sweat baths because of their low temperatures of 45°C and the high air humidity of up to 100%.
The steam bath is reputed to be a panacea for the spirit and for our health. The heart rate and blood pressure increase slightly. The blood vessels in the skin stretch, the pores open thanks to heavy sweating and the skin is thus purified. The combination of moisture and heat also relieves muscle contractures as well as having a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

The interaction of a special onyx stone and a particular lighting concept in our new steam bath makes it a perfect place to regenerate and indulge in complete relaxation.

We recommend 1-2 sauna sessions lasting 10-15 minutes, followed by a cold shower and at least 20 minutes of rest in our relaxation room “Under the stars” in between the single sessions.