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A piece of holiday for your home

Let us take you to the ADLER world of lightness

Stories of enchanting places, unforgettable experiences and the people behind them: these are holiday feelings put into words! Let us take you on a spiritual journey to us. 
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ADLER cooking classes

Between vineyards and ancient temples

Italy is the land of regional specialities. Each area – even each village – has its own recipes that are passed down through the generations. Taking part in our cooking classes is a unique opportunity to discover the most delicious sides of Sicily and Tuscany. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you will learn to prepare typical dishes that will delight your loved ones when you recreate them at home.

New in Ortisei: Cryobox - Whole-body cold therapy for health, regeneration and beauty

3 minutes, at up to minus 160 degrees Celsius. Brr ... that gives you goose bumps just thinking about it! But don't worry: due to the low humidity, it's easy to endure in our new, ultra-modern CRYO-BOX. In addition, the human body reacts to the extreme temperature stimulus by releasing happiness hormones.

However, feelings of happiness are not necessarily the main purpose of the treatment. There are many other reasons for the beneficial freshness kick.

Happy bees make better honey!

It is a sunny morning, and thousands of busy workers are making their way to ADLER Lodge Ritten in their black and yellow uniforms. Soon, their workplace is buzzing: there are honeycombs to build, entrances to guard and stocks to store, as well as nectar to process and cleaning to do. 

Alpe di Siusi, an open-air pharmacy

Verdant meadows dotted with colourful paint strokes, the air filled with a spicy fragrance – after the thaw, the Alpe di Siusi plateau slowly turns into a sea of colourful flowers. But there´s more to the Alpine flora than its eye-catching beauty and nose-pleasing scents.

An experience to relish

Chilling and picnicking in Val d’Orcia

As summer approaches, few things are more tantalising than the prospect of a hearty picnic out in nature. A delectable experience that only requires a few important ingredients: good food, sunny weather and a quiet little spot – preferably with a spectacular view. 

JetPeel™ - the treatment for beautiful skin in summer

UV-radiation, high temperatures and sweat are all factors that highly affect our skin. JetPeel™is the perfect treatment to obtain an even and firm complexion. Thanks to its immediate cooling effect, it results particularly suitable in summer.


Are you looking forward to your holiday at ADLER and are already excited about what awaits you in our destinations this year? Of course, we have some news and updates for you also in 2023. Because we never stand still and look ahead to surprise our guests over and over again!
This overview shows the big and small novelties in our ADLER Spa Resorts & Lodges

Saddle up, and down onto the pedals

A world heritage landscape, breath-taking views and the perfect conditions for a glorious ride. On 22 and 23 October, join us in Tuscany for the international Val d’Orcia Gravel bike event and indulge your passion by pushing down hard down on the pedals with fellow gravel bike enthusiasts.

Cheese tasting

In autumn, the farmer Joachim Rier will present different types of cheese from his own production once a week in our ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI.

Interview with Silvia Mittelberger: six highlights about sauna rituals

Silvia Mittelberger, Spa Manager at ADLER Spa Resort DOLOMITI, reveals six highlights about the sensational experience of participating in a steam blow ritual, called Aufguss in German.