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Erich Kostner
Outdoor Guide in the ADLER Lodge Alpe

Sauna for body and senses

"It’s quite, just the sound of a gentle relaxing music fills the room. All of a sudden you hear a hissing sound - hot steam raises from the fiery furnace, that spreads out a soothing fragrance. The breath gets deeper and your skin starts sweating. By feeling the warm air currents, the calm returns. Body and mind are in deep relaxation"

Erich as a real expert of the ventilation ritual in Finnish saunas, knows what you feel during a sauna infusion, as a real sauna fan, he even uses his days off to enjoy the beneficial heat. "When I was asked whether I would like to celebrate the sauna infusion for our guests at the ADLER Mountain Lodge, I was enthusiastic about the idea and accepted immediately" he explains smiling. "Even though, I already had some experience, I used the unique opportunity to participate at the Sauna World Championships in the Cron4/Brunico, to improve my technique and receive some advice from the most renowned masters of infusion.

The infusion is the real highlight of a sauna session. Therefore, I would like to offer our guests a very unique experience, which not only provides regeneration and relaxation, but involves all senses. This is the reason why I am trying to combine the instrumental music with the selected fragrance and the diffuse lighting. My favorite flavors are fruity notes, such as orange with a dash of mint. A beautiful combination of purifying and antiseptic effect that raises humor.

First of all, with the help of a wooden scoop, I spread the water with the essential oil aroma on the stony oven brick. Promptly the humidity rises, the steam, that accumulates on the upper third of the sauna, must be evenly distributed in the room. This is done by strong vertical fronds.
Those who love the heat, are welcome to take place on the upper bank, who doesn’t, uses the lower bank, where it is slightly cooler.

After sweating, cooling down is very important, because the positive sauna effects are primarily given through the contrast of warm and cold stimulus. After leaving the sauna it is best to go outside and take some fresh air followed by a cold shower. Sauna experts also use to wallow themselves in snow or to rub their skin with snow and crashed-ice. The subsequent recovery should last at least as long as the sauna session itself. As the loss of liquids caused by sweating in the sauna has to be regained by drinking fresh spring water or unsweetened teas and by eating vital-rich fruit snacks that are provided in the wellness area.

Especially for me, as a ski and hiking guide, the sauna is a wonderful opportunity to sock up on new energy after an exhausting sporty day. While I am enjoying the pleasant warmth, even the most persistent muscular tensions dissolve and all fatigue vanishes. Furthermore, also toxins will be sweated out and the defenses strengthen. I can assure you: since I visit the sauna regularly, flue viruses barely have a chance on me.
Therefore, the sauna offers me the unique opportunity to combine the necessary (the job) with the useful and pleasant.